Herbstick Eco Vaporizer

herbstick eco vaporizer reviewThe Herbstick Eco Vaporizer is the newest and cheapest portable vaporizer by chinese company Bauway (also known as Ciggo) so far.

Technically, the Herbstick Eco can be compared with the two conduction vaporizers Xmax V2 by Topgreen and the Imag Plus by Relaxo Tech, best. Although it does not look as much as an ecig than the other two vaporizers. This makes the Herbstick Eco a bit less stealthy indeed. Anyway, I like the design a lot and I think it’s beautiful. It does look like a small and portable version of the LSV vaporizer to me. So far, definitely the best design they came up with. I really like the classic Herbstick and the Herbstick Deluxe, but to be honest, their designs are not really nice.

The Herbstick Eco offers five temperature-presets between 169°C and 210°C. The bowl, which takes about 0,2g of fine grinded herbs, is made of metal. The maximum temperature can be reached in under a minute.

To start the unit simply hold down the power button for a couple of seconds. To switch the presets, you will have to press the button twice, shortly. Overall, that’s much less clicking than the Xmax V2 and the Imag require and therefore the Herbstick Eco is much easier to set and less confusing, as well.

Another big advantage of the Herbstick Eco is that the airpath is seperated from the electronic parts! That shows me clearly that they’ve learned from the feedback they’ve received in the past and they actually use this knowledge for their forthcoming vaporizers. This fact makes me a little proud, since I’ve also experienced the opposit with other chinese companys, which only used review blogs like mine for marketing purposes, but haven’t been willing to listen to serious suggestions at all.

Although, this doesn’t mean that the Herbstick Eco is smell and tasteless from the beginning. It’s heavily recommended to do some initial burn-offs, before actually using it with your herbs. After these, you will be fine, though. Taste is actually quite clear and vapor can get very coudy. Overally, I’m quite happy with the performance. Especially, if you keep in mind that the retail price will be even lower than the Imag Plus and Xmax V2! Further I believe, that the Herbstick Eco is the cheapest full functional electronic dry herb vaporizer on the market.

A bit disappointing is that you can’t exchange the 18650 battery yourself. It would have been great to carry a second battery with you, although the battery life of the Herbstick Eco is really good. I can vape for 45-60 minutes on the highest setting, before i need to charge the battery again.

Also the mouthpiece is not perfect, yet. I would have prefered a metal mouthpiece, like the Herbstick classic has, instead of three plastic ones. Btw. the Herbstick classic mouthpiece does actually fit, so if you have access to one of these, this would be a great update for your Herstick Eco!

Anyway, the Herbstick Eco is amazing for the low price this unit will be sold for. Of course, this will not replace your Crafty or Arizer Air, but it’s still a good unit, which can be bought for a fraction of these! A lot of beginners and lesser financially gifted people will get one of these for sure.

Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      3.5/5.0
Quality:    4.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0

23 thoughts on “Herbstick Eco Vaporizer

  1. Hi!
    thanks for the review.

    can you tell me, which vap, do you prefer between this one and the Atmos Boss?

    thanks again.

    • sure. depends on what you’re looking for, though. If you want a stealth vape that looks like a real ecig, get the atmos boss, if you want temperature control, get the Herbstick Eco! The vapor from the herbstick eco is better.

  2. Hello is this a true vape that doesn’t use combustion techniques such as contact with coils? Also how does the smell of the vapors rate in terms of discreetness?

  3. Hi I just bought this vape and I am new the vagina myself. In your review you mentioned to do some burn offs. How exactly do I do that and what is the benefit of doing that?

    • wtf… you’re new to vagina?! auto correct?! 😀
      burn offs mean you just let the vaporizer run on the hottest settig without putting in some herbs for a couple of times. often it also helps to clean out the new bowl wih a iso alcohol wipe as well to get rid of the “new” smell.

      • Yeah sorry Haha it was auto correct.
        Awesome thank you for answering my question 🙂

        P. ‘s. Sorry for the double reply

  4. Hi, great review

    I just bought this vape and I am new to vagina. In your review you mentioned to do a few burn offs. How exactly do I do that and what is the benefit?


  5. Hi,

    I do not have this vape and am not new to vagina.

    Will this effect my ability to enjoy this vape and should I take a break from all the vagina and buy one?

    Thank you.


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