Loki Dry Herb Vaporizer

Loki Dry Herb Vaporizer ReviewThe Loki Dry Herb Vaporizer is a new portable vaporizer from china distributed by GotVape.com.

The general design of this portable vaporizer reminds me very much on the magic flight launch box, the Loki is a little bit bigger and feels less valuable to me though.The plastic housing looks a bit cheap and not very robust. I’m not super impressed, to be honest. Although, performance-wise the Loki is actually quite good for the very low price of $104.99 only and it’s very easy to use, as well.

You should not expect a game changer, though. In my humble opinion, there are no real innovations, which make the Loki a unique portable vaporizer in any way. However, I don’t think that’s necessary. I rather have a solid vaporizer that actually works well than a experimental device that does not live up to my expectations, which is actually very often the case with these so-called innovators.

The bowl of the Loki is hidden behind the sliding door. It is very small and just takes 0,1g of grinded herbs. I prefer small ovens, though and a single filling lasts for about 10 – 15 draws, which is quite fine, too. However, the exact amount of puffs you can take, depends on the quality of your herbs and which of the three temperature settings you will choose.

Unfortunately, I have no information about the actual temperature range of the Loki! However, all three settings seem to work well. The first one produces tasty but less visible vapor, the second one produces much more vapor already, while the taste is still good and the third settings gives me very cloudy vapor, but taste is not so good anymore.

Generally, I recommend to do a couple of burn-offs before you will use your new Loki for the first time, since it has a plasticy smell coming from the oven, when you start it right out of the box. Also I think you should clean the mouthpiece regulary, since I believe it can get stuck in the airpath easily, once it gets a bit too sticky. (To be fair, this has not happened to me yet, though!)

Overall, there are two buttons. One will release the mouthpiece from its storage inside the unit and the second one is to start the unit by pushing the button three times. Once the unit was activated, you will be able to change the temperature settings by holding down the power button for two seconds. When the light turns solid the Loki has reached the chosen temperature setting and your ready to vape. That’s all you need to know, already.

I can recommend the Loki, if you’re looking for a very small and cheap portable vaporizer that isn’t too complicated to use and you don’t need to be able to set the temperature accurately. If that’s you, I believe you will enjoy the Loki Dry Herb Vaporizer a lot.

Price:       4.5/5.0

Vapor:      3.5/5.0
Quality:    3.0/5.0
Mobility:   4.5/5.0



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