De Verdamper Deluxe Vaporizer

de verdamperI’ve finally fulfilled myself a dream and got me a De Verdamper Deluxe Vaporizer by dutch vaporizer pioneer Evert!

About ten years ago, I’ve made my first experience with a De Verdamper vaporizer in the hash museum in Amsterdam. Btw. It was the first time ever, I was able to test a vaporizer and I instantly fell in love with it. I had never experienced the taste of herbs so intensively and it seemed much more efficient than smoking a bong! Back then, every good coffeeshop had one of these beautiful pieces.

However, I was a student these days and the De Verdamper is a very expensive unit and so I’ve forgot about vaporizers for a very long time.

Since then I was able to test so many different vaporizers, but not a single one had impressed me so much than the De Verdamper these days.

Today, I know it was not just a sugarcoated memory of the good old days! De Verdamper is still the best Vaporizer I know, when it’s about taste and efficiency! That’s a fact. I love it and it’s simply amazing.

However, the list of disadvantages is very long and I probably wouldn’t recommend it to a lot of people! For me, the Verdamper is more like a vaporizer for state occasions and I will defintely not use it on a daily basis, myself.

The De Verdamper has a lot of single glass pieces and I’m always afraid to break any. True, I’m a bit clumsy sometimes and so I believe it’s just a matter of time until I have to replace some. Don’t get me wrong, the quality of the glass is great, but if something happens it won’t be cheap to replace it, that’s for sure.

Second, the Bong / Bubbler style Vaporizer is so heavy and giant, you’ll need a lot of space for it and therefore you will also not carry it around a lot. Most likely, never!

The heat up time is very long, too. It takes nearly ten minutes to reach the max. temperature of 200°C, so it’s not the right unit for impatient people, as well.

You should have a lot of herbs, too, since the De Verdamper works best with at least 0,5g of grinded herbs.

Unfortunately, it also works with european voltage (220V), only.

If you’re fine with all these negative facts above and think you can handle them, you will love the De Verdamper, though!

It’s probably even the most simple vaporizer of all. Just plug it in and put the heater on top of your herbs in the bowl. Wait a couple of seconds and take the first draw. There is absolutely no learning curve, just don’t forget that the glass around the halogen heater gets very hot!

You can also adapt your own bubbler and bong with some simple adapters every headshop has, of course. You only must make sure that your new glass piece is strong enough to hold the weight of the heater and won’t tip it over. That would be a real disaster, let me tell you this.

Overall, I’m still convinced it’s one of the best vaporizers ever made, but I simply think it’s not really suitable for everyday use. You should keep that in mind, when you conisder to buy one of these.

Price:       3.0/5.0

Vapor:      5.0/5.0
Quality:    5.0/5.0
Mobility:   0.0/5.0


4 thoughts on “De Verdamper Deluxe Vaporizer

  1. bad review because its the best vape full sto. its for true connoisseurs of cannabis , yes it does have them negatives but you still didn’t stress its the best vape out there, try every other cape for any price and you’ll find its the most efficient and best tasting, although it is big and akward and glass.

    • From my point of view, the De Verdamper can NEVER be the BEST vaporizer, due to the list of cons! There is no such thing anyway.
      I’ve basically tried every other vaporizer as you can see and there are a few that are on par 😉 Have you tried the Herborizor for example?! It’s very similar, but much more versatile, smaller and cheaper and can be used with any watertool… (I have it here, but the review is not up yet)
      and still the de verdamper is one of my favorite units (see the toplist on the sidebar), but honestly that’s because it has a sentimental value for me!
      How can you call something the best vape, that takes about 15minutes to heat up properly, for example? It’s not just about taste or efficency, even if that’s one of the most important criteria for me, too. Different people have different needs!
      However, I can understand your love for the De Verdamper, very well but you need to understand that there are different opinions too. It’s fine if you think my review is bad, but I think your comment is too, because it’s way to one-dimensional, for me.

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  3. The Best! The one and only!
    There is no discussion, when it comes to taste and quality of the vapor, de verdamper is the best.
    Not for children, but for people who like to get the best out of their homegrown.
    I got mine for 10 years, everyday use, no problems, great as on the first day.

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