Vapir Prima Vaporizer

vapir prima vaporizer reviewWithout a doubt, the Prima Vaporizer is the new flagship by US company Vapir Enterprises, Inc.

In the past, people have often complained about this company and their products, but right now their new portable vaporizer gets a lot of love. Many people even call it the new “pax killer”.

Not without a reason, I think! It’s true, the Prima (german word for “super” btw.) beats the Pax2 in almost everything, indeed. However, it’s a lot bigger, as well. Still it’s a very handy portable vaporizer, but I think it’s more accurate to compare it with the Summit by Vapium, since both vaporizers are very similar in size and construction, while the Pax is quite different.

No matter, if you compare it to the Summit or the Pax though, the result is the same. The Prima is superior!

Especially in terms of product quality, the Summit does not look  very good. Compared to the Prima, it feels very cheap and fragile. Also the Prima has an exchangeable battery, you can simply take out the seperated airpath to clean it and the oven is bigger, too.

The Prima does work very well with herbs, the cloud production and airflow is very good (much better than the Pax2). I have no complaints. Although, it was obviously designed for low temperature vaping, only. So if you prefer vaping above 205°C (400°F), the Vapir Prima, is not what you’re looking for!

At the same time, this means it does not work very well with concentrates, even if it comes with a couple of liquid pads. Anyway, since I’m not using concentrates very often, I actually don’t mind. I use my Prima for herbs, exclusively and I use the liquid pads as a spacer to reduce the oven size, since i believe it works best with the oven beeing packed tight.

There is also a watertool adapter and a micro bubbler for the Prima, however you have to order them seperately, since the water-kit it is not included, unfortunately.

A few initial burn-offs are heavily recommended by the way, but the new smell did disappear very quick.

The biggest disadvantage of the Prima, I can come up with is the relative high price of 245€, which is still cheaper than the Pax2, but also almost 100€ more expensive than the Summit by Vapium. Still, I can recommend the Vapir Prima to everyone who is looking for a top-notch portable vaporizer. Without a doubt, the Prima is the best vaporizer by Vapir ever and it can compete with the current best of the best. Most of these are even more expensive too, so I believe the Prima is quite a good deal!

Price:       3.5/5.0

Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    5.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0

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