Imag+ 3-in-1 Vaporizer

Imag PlusHere is the long awaited and often requested follow up review to the new portable vaporizer by chinese company Relaxo Tech. After the big success of their Imag (classic) vaporizer, they came up with this improved model, very fast.

To better understand this review, I would recommend reading my Imag 3-in-1 review first, if you haven’t already!

The Imag+ (or Imag Plus) features three temperature presets between 190°C and 230°C, while the classic model only offers a single one and regulates the temperature automatically. The big advantage of this feature is that you can decide on your own, if you want to use it on a higher or a lower temperature and that makes the Imag+ more versatile than the Imag, imho. Personally, I enjoy the lowest setting most, since the taste is very good and the herbs last much longer, than I’m used to it from the classic Imag, but the vapor is less cloudy at this setting too, of course. Although, in the end I often switch to the 210°C setting, to finish the bowl, anyway. The 230°C setting is a little too hot for me and I only would use it for concentrates and not for herbs.

I think the Imag+ is exactly what the Titan-1 by Hebe failed to be! Thank god, there is no bad taste or smell and the air path like is much better sealed from the electronics within the unit, than the Titan. However, I would recommend to let it heat on the hottest temperature set for a couple of minutes, before start using it. With both units, the Imag and Imag Plus, I have recognized a sizzling sound, when heating it up for the first time, but it’s gone very quickly, so I wouldn’t worry about that, too much.

Furthermore, they have implemented a nicer USB port in the Imag+. Therefore, the battery is not exchangable anymore, though!

Next to the two classic colors black and wood, the Imag+ is available in the three fancy new colors metallic silver, blue and red. For now, you can get them at their official ebay retailer here for 120$. Currently, everyone who buys a unit from this seller can apply for a free IMAG2 btw. The IMAG2 is a super interesting forthcoming dry herb vaporizer, that can be used with standart 510 e cig mods. Relaxo Tech is giving away 100 units to their customers who have bought a Imag+ and have published a text or video review (conditions here)! Get both units for the price of the Imag+, while you can and also watch out for the forthcoming Imag Pen, which will be similar to the classic Imag but a lot smaller, just like a real pen!

I definitely can recommend the Imag+ dry herb vaporizer, but after testing the classic Imag, I never had any doubts that I wouldn’t like the Imag Plus, anyway. It’s cheap, it’s reliable, it’s easy to use, it’s a cloud machine, it tastes good and it looks like an ecig! What else could you ask for?!

Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      3.5/5.0
Quality:    4.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0



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