Plenty Vaporizer

Storz-Bickel-PlentyNo doubt, the Plenty Vaporizer by german manufacturer Storz & Bickel will always be overshadowed by its own big brother the Volcano vaporizer. Wrongfully, I think. The Plenty vaporizer is in fact one of the best and most efficent home units ever produced. Vapor-quality-wize, it even overcomes its more expensive big brother.

Personally, I think the akward design might be the reason why the Plenty couldn’t cause a similar hype than the Volcano did before. No doubt, the design needs getting used to it, since it looks more like a tool by Black and Decker paired with a funny childrens drinking straw, than like a aromatherapy device with medical qualities. Well, better don’t judge a book by its cover!
Especially for its price point below 250€, there is no other vaporizer like the Plenty. Like the Volcano, the Plenty is manufactured in germany under very strict quality control. This guarantees the usage of the finest materials, only, which is sadly not self-evident in the vaporizer industry.

I definitely love mine and will not give it away, anymore. Although, the Plenty is one of the very less devices, which can not be attached to a water tool, easily! This is something I prefer to do, in order to cool down the vapor rapidly and make it more smooth to inhale. For this purpose the Plenty has a unique metal cooling coil, that makes the vapor ultra smooth, though. Even without the usage of any water! Watch out, while the vapor stays relative cool, the coil gets extremly warm, so better avoid touching it during a session.

The herb chamber of the Plenty is rather big, so you can decide if you want to consume small or big amounts of herbs (or concentrates, if you’re using the included liquid pad) at the same time. After filling the herb chamber and re-attaching the lid and the whip, you can start your session by setting the temperature with the little wheel. Now push the power switch and the trigger and the plenty will start to heat up. You can monitor this process by watching on the accurate physical thermometer, but you can also wait for the orange glowing light to turn off. This means the desired temperature was reached. Now, the temperature will fall slowly unless you push the trigger again. Pressing it shortly will rise up the temperature to your previous setting. Holding it down permanently will hold the temperature on a constant level! Honestly, that’s the annoying part, since you have to hold the trigger more or less during the whole session. Sadly, you can’t lock the trigger. Would make it more comfortable imho. Anyway, this is not really an issue, I’m just lazy, I guess.

If you want the best vaporizer, vapor-wize, you should definitely consider one of these desktop units. Non of any other devices have gotten me medicated like the Plenty does. It might not be the most beautiful device on the market, but that’s not what vaporizing should be about, anyway. It does what it was build for and it does it like a champ.

Price:      4.5/5.0

Vapor:     4.5/5.0
Quality:   5.0/5.0
Mobility:  1.0/5.0


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