Vapium Summit Vaporizer

Summit Vaporizer ReviewThe Summit Vaporizer (formerly MARK1) is the first vaporizer by new US based manufacturer Vapium.

I’m honest, the Summit by Vapium is not the reinvention of the wheel, but a very solid little device comparable to the two popular portable vaporizers Pax and Indica. The low price of 149$ only is the biggest advantage of the Vapium, I think! That’s at least 50-100$ cheaper than the other two units I have mentioned. However, there are a few more features that make the Summit superior, in my humble opinion.

First of all, with eight temperature presets between 160°C and 230°C, the Summit is the most flexible of these three units! Second, the herb chamber is much smaller than those of the two other vaporizers and takes about 0,1-0,15g of grinded herbs, only. For some people this might be an disadvantage, but most people will actually appreciate it, like me. I rather refill more often, than beeing forced to use more herbs at once than I need to get fully medicated. That’s the case with the Pax, for sure!

Another cool feature of the Summit vaporizer is the vibrating alarm! Unlike the one from the Herbstick Deluxe and the Crafty by Storz & Bickel, this one is actually quite discreet and will remind you gently(!) when your desired temperature preset has been reached (takes about 35-35 seconds only!).

On the other hand, the airflow of the Summit vaporizer is very restricted! Even a little more than the Arizer Solo, but with the right technique you can actually pull big clouds from it, too. You just need to draw long but slowly. Anyway, if you’re looking for a vaporizer you can attach to your water tool, the Summit might not be the right choice, I believe.

Also if you’re searching for a portable vaporizer with the longest possible warranty, the Summit is not what you’re looking for. It just has a one year limited warranty. That’s rather short compared to the Pax, for example.

Vapor-wise it performs pretty much like the Pax, I think. The taste is pure and clean at first, but after a few puffs it will get the typical popcorn flavor, we know from basically any other vaporizer.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased by my Summit and I would recommend it over the Pax, anytime. You simply will get a more advanced vaporizer with some cool features for less money! It might not be as pretty as the Pax, but you should not choose your vaporizer based on looks, anyway.

Big thanks to for the donation!

Price:       4.0/5.0
Vapor:     4.0/5.0
Quality:   4.5/5.0
Mobility: 5.0/5.0


5 thoughts on “Vapium Summit Vaporizer

  1. Having a hard time choosing between this and the alfa. The vapium seems to have overall travel convenience only by a little because of usb charging and temp settings. What do you think is best for outdoor use and discretion? I’ve seen the Alfa has more vape quality but does that really matter for the medicating process. I’m leaning towards the vapium.

    • the airflow of the alfa is better and it’s also a little more stealth, since you can hide it inside your hands. However, the Summit is fine too and you can’t go wrong with it. Hope that helps

  2. I have had my summit for around 2 weeks. I love it. The oven is smaller than Pax, which is good to me but bigger than the solo. Perfect pocketable vape, usb charge with the spring battery, perfect for all day plus. For personal, Summit. For Sharing, Pax. For home I still prefer the Solo or Air (I have all of these) just because it uses less plus stem milk, ya dig

  3. actually, i could not care less. you can use your titans if you like, i will not. You just need to look at the oven size and you will realize that you can slightly fill in more herbs in the arizer stem than in the oven of the summit. Sorry, but that’s a fact even if the difference is very little.

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