Arizer Air Vaporizer

arizer air vaporizerShortly after Storz & Bickel has released the Crafty and the Mighty, their biggest competitor Arizer unveiled a new portable vaporizer, as well.

Never change a running system! The Arizer Air portable vaporizer is not the reinvention of the wheel, since it’s very similar to their previous model the Arizer Solo. Further, I would say that it’s basically a smaller version of the Solo, only. However, the Solo was not the most popular portable vaporizer in the past years, without a reason and I’m quite happy they didn’t change the concept too much! Actually, that’s even what I have hoped for, a smaller and more portable version of the Solo! Despite from that there is very little difference between these two models.

Although, my first impressions have been a little negative, since at the beginning there is a strong plastic smell coming from the unit. This is something that I was not used from the Solo. However, the smell disappeared quickly, after letting the unit heat on the highest temperature preset for a couple of minutes. This is absolutely necessary to do, before you put in some herbs, though!

Also the new short glass stems with the plastic mouthpiece are not my cup of tea. They get very hot. Thank god you can still use your old stems from the Solo, though. That’s what I’m doing. Also this way you can attach the Arizer Air to any kind of watertool. I love to use mine with a mini-bubbler like the pinnacle pro hydrotube. Sadly, Arizer still does not offer a watertool adapter on their own, so you have to buy one from a third-party source in order to hook it up to your bubbler.

In terms of vapor production and taste, the Air does not differ too much from the Solo, also the temperature preets have not changed. It’s a little cloud machine with great taste. Some even say that it’s better than the Crafty, but I guess that has something to do with personal preferences. I can’t really say which is better. Although, with 260$ the Arizer Air is much cheaper than the Crafty by Storz & Bickel! So if you’re on a strictly limited budget and can’t afford a Crafty or Mighty, you should definitely check out the Air.

The battery life of the Air is shorter than the one from the Solo, but you can exchange batterys yourself now. So if you’re a heavy user, you should consider to buy one or two extra batterys, as well.

What I like most about the Air is the small size though. It’s even smaller than the Pinnacle Pro or Imag+ and fits in your trouser pocket, easily. Also the Arizer Air is very robust, much more than the Crafty. So if you’re clumsy, the Air is definitely the better choice for you.

The Arizer Air is available in the three colors silver, titanium and black. A white protective silicone skin is included as well, but you can order additional ones currently available in five different colors.

Overall, I can recommend the Arizer Air without restrictions. It’s a great unit from a manufacturer with very good reputation. You can’t go wrong with it, especially if you can’t afford the much more expensive Crafty, this is the best choice, right now.

Price:       4.0/5.0

Vapor:      4.5/5.0
Quality:    5.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0


One thought on “Arizer Air Vaporizer

  1. I got the Solo and the Mighty and I prefer the Solo. Maybe ’cause of how I use it: First Session on 3 (185° Celsius) – tasty, than I remove the material, grind it again and a second Session on 5 (195°Celsius) – strong but not harsh. I tried the same with the mighty – no way, to get the same effect. I tried the Mighty also on higher temperatures – no way. By the way, I use vaporizers for medical reason (one of my problems heavy sleep disorder) and I never! sleep as long after Mighty-sessions. With the Solo and same amount of material, my sleep is longer – up to 1 1/2 hours. Would like to try the Air but I miss my prefered temperature 195°. On the Air there are only 190° and 200° Celsius. I read in a review that a measurement of the temperature with the Solo on 5 equals 203° and maybe it’s a fact, ’cause the material looks darker with the Solo on 5, than the material in the Mighty on 195° Celsius. Any experiences between the Solo on 195° and the Air on 200°?

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