Herborizer Vaporizer Basic System

Herborizer Vaporizer ReviewThe Herborizer is a almost forgotten vaporizer by the same-called small and independent french manufacturer and glass blower. Without good reason, I believe! It’s still one of my favorite vaporizers of all time and the perfect solution for everybody who is interested in using a vaporizer with a watertool, exclusively. That’s what the award winning (21st Hightimes Cup Product Award Amsterdam) Herborizer Vaporizer was designed for.

The Herborizer is a homage to the De Verdamper Deluxe Vaporizer by hemp activist Evert and similar in functionality, but much more versatile, since you can basically adapt every 14mm or 18mm water tool, while the De Verdamper only works with the expenisve glass parts from their netherland based manufacture. Despite from that, the Herborizer is much smaller, lighter and cheaper than the De Verdamper.

The Herborizer is mainly available in two different editions, a basic version with one fixed temperature setting (that’s the one I have), like the De Verdamper and the XL system with temperature control. Of course, you can get a watertool along with your Herborizer system, however that’s fortunately optional and I would not recommend to buy one of their bubblers, necessarily. Don’t get me wrong, they are very nice, but you can get better water tools for less I believe and you can save a few bucks when you’re getting one from a third party manufacturer instead.

The same applies to the Roor Vapor Vaporizer by the way, which is in fact just a rebranded Herborizer. So better don’t pay the extra money they charge for the roor logo on it and get the real deal, right away. They are exactly the same, just the watertool it comes with was designed by roor, directly.

The biggest disadvantage of the Herborizer system is the heating time, which is super long, unfortunately! Like the De Verdamper, the Herborizer is not the right choice for impatient people. It takes the Herborizer up to five minutes to reach vaporizing temperatures. That’s still quicker than the De Verdamper, though.

Overall, I think it’s the best desktop vaporizer to use with a watertool, I have tested so far. The extraction is very slow, but you can get very thick and tasty clouds from it. However, after a hit, you will want to wait a minute or two between the next hit, anyway. It’s very strong, almost feels like smoking(!) a bong to me!

Honestly, I only prefer my De Verdamper for sentimental reasons, since it was the first vaporizer I have ever used, but from a neutral point of view, I actually don’t see any reason to take a De Verdamper over the Herborizer!

Check out the Herborizer here on Smoketown-Headshop.de

Price:       4.0/5.0

Vapor:      5.0/5.0
Quality:    5.0/5.0
Mobility:   3.5/5.0

One thought on “Herborizer Vaporizer Basic System

  1. Hi,

    thank you for this Review. I personally think the Herborizer is a really good vaporizer but volcano is much better. Well….. two great Vaporizer.


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