Focusvape Vaporizer

Focusvape Vaporizer ReviewThe Focusvape is the first portable vaporizer by Hong Kong based company iFocus Technology CO.,LTD, apparently founded by a former Smiss Technology (manufacturer of the Flowermate vaporizers) employee.

Without a doubt, it reminds me a lot on the Xmax V2 Pro by Topgreen. To be honest, I was not super impressed at first when a good friend of mine told me about it, a couple of months ago. Truely, it has many sililarities with the Xmax V2 Pro, so it didn’t seem very innovative to me at first. After testing it in detail, I have to confess, that I think the Focusvape is indeed even a little bit better than the Xmax V2 Pro, for which I have a lot of love for, though.

The Focusvape has basically everything I like about the Xmax V2 Pro as well, like the swappable battery and the glass mouthpiece for example, but also some other cool new features, the Xmax V2 does not have! This is what makes the Focusvape superior, in my humble opinion.

On top of my list, there is this adjustable airflow system I already know from some of my ecigs. However, I have never seen one in a herbal vaporizer, before. This makes a lot of sense to me, though.This way you can find the perfect balancing between airflow and draw restriction for your personal needs and it also has a strong influence on the smoothness and cloudiness of the vapor.

The electronics of the Focusvape are separated from the airpath and the housing comes with a leather or rubber cover, so that the Focusvape stays quite cool in your hands, even after longer usage.

The next cool feature of the Focusvape is the vibration indicator. Actually, I’m not a big fan of vibration indicators in vaporizers, but this one is quite discreet and not annoying like the one from the Herbstick Deluxe for example.

Last but not least, the Focusvape offers six different temperature settings (one more than the Xmax V2 Pro) between 160°C and 220°C, which have been choosen wisely! They all make absolute sense to me.

An universal watertool adapter for the Focusvape will be available anytime soon, as well. Seems like you can’t oder it yet, but I already got one of these metal pieces, so I’m sure you will be able to get one of these in the near future, as well.

That beeing said, I basically see the Focusvape as an upgraded and improved version of the Xmax V2 Pro, which is my favorite vaporizer designed and manufactured in china. Well, was my favorite vaporizer from china… Right now, I would honestly stick with the Focusvape, if you’re on a striclty limited budget. Even if I don’t think that iFocus has reinvented the wheel with the Focusvape, they have managed to outrival my favorite chinese vaporizer at least and offer an even better alternative at the same price point.

Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    4.5/5.0
Mobility:  5.0/5.0

3 thoughts on “Focusvape Vaporizer

  1. Thank you for your FocusVape review. If you hear of the water tool adapter being sold in North America please let us know. I see that the link that you provided in your review for the FocusVape company offers them for sale but it is not an English website. Most of the YouTube FocusVape videos (not many) all seem to feature the water pipe adapter. Thanks again for your work,

  2. What other US-based company offers a controller that has a
    design as unique as a fingerprint, allows you to choose your design, and offers a decent
    warranty on the controller? These other guys simply pay the manufacturer to print their half-baked logo on their units, claim authority, and call it
    a day…kinda sad.

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