Xvape Vital Vaporizer

xvape vital vaporizer reviewThe Xvape Vital Vaporizer is the new portable vaporizer by Shenzhen Topgreen Technology Co., Ltd, the manufacturer of the popular Xmax V2 Pro.

No doubt, I’m a big fan of the Xmax V2 Pro and I always recommend it to people who don’t want to spend more than 100$ on a portable vaporizer. However, compared to the Xmax V2 Pro the Xvape Vital is a step backwards, since it does not support some of the most important features of the Xmax, I love so much about it, like the exchangable battery for example. So the Xvape Vital won’t replace the Xmax V2 Pro in any way. Although, it never was supposed to, I believe!

Rather than that, the Xvape Vital was designed as an satisfying alternative to the very cheap Hebe Titan-2, Airistech Shiva and Lativa vaporizer! At least, that’s pretty much what the Xvape Vital vaporizer is to me.

Unlike any other of these vaporizer, the Xvape Vital has the airpath separated from the electronics, which makes the Vital more safe to use, in my humble opinion. This is the main reasons, why I always had a bad feeling using any of these vaporizers, since I’m not aware of possible health risks this could cause (this + plastic smell and taste!). Maybe it’s even absolutely harmless, I just don’t know, so I prefer vapes that have the airpath clearly seperated from the electronics.

Also Topgreen is currently working on an watertool adapter and a glass mouthpiece for the Vital, similar to those of the Xmax, as well as a very own micro-bubbler, which will be released anytime soon. So the Vital will be the first of these type of vaporizers that can be hooked up to a watertool (please note: this accessory is not included in the starter kit and you probably will need to order it extra!). This makes the Xvape Vital more versatile than its direct competitors.

Despite from these two facts, which make the Vital superior to me, it is very similar to the Titan-2, Shiva and Lativa vaporizer in terms of heating time, size, weight, material, temperature control, taste and performance (burnoffs are heavily recommended, too!). Thank god, the same is true for the price of the unit. It’s definitely much cheaper than the Xmax V2 Pro and so I think it’s okay that it does play in a completely different league, as well.

Still, it’s by far the best vaporizer of its kind, even if the vapor seems a little wispy and not super dense. However, I only would recommend the Xvape Vital over the Xmax V2 Pro, if you’re on a very strictly limited budget and you can only pick up one of these super cheap vaporizers. The Vital will definitely satisfy you the most of these, that’s for sure. However, if you have the few extra bucks, I still would say you’re better off with the Xmax V2 Pro. It is simply the best portable vaporizer from china to me and there is not better one below the 100$ mark.

Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      3.5/5.0
Quality:    4.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0

7 thoughts on “Xvape Vital Vaporizer

  1. Why the fuck do you say that xmaxv2 is better than vital???
    X max only heat in 180- 220 C , this shit burns hands and lips ,its very heavy.
    Vital rules man!!!

  2. I have now owned the x vape vital for over a year and a half…..i most likely charged it 300 times if not more…still hold charge enough for 5 heat ups…10 to 12 in the beginning…I just ordered another one.

    • I am not able to currently use my Vital Vaporizer because there is an error message saying “sensory error”. How do I fix this????

      • I have the same problem. Only used it for 5 months, and no luck getting reply from the manufacturer. I sent email request for replacement or repair. No response. Does anyone have a contact number?

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