Volcano Digital Vaporizer


I guess this one doesn’t need any introduction. Since it’s release in 2000, the Volcano is the most wanted device on the market and it is still until today. If you know about vaporizers generally, I’m sure you will know about the Volcano by german company Storz & Bickel, as well.

Further I would say, that without the Volcano, vaporizing wouldn’t be so popular today. Their invention made vaping much more social and shareable than before through the new and revolutionary balloon-system.

This system was copied a lot in the following years, but honestly non of these devices I’ve tested so far perform like the original! The main differences are the devices amazing quality, the vapor quality and taste as well as its performance speed. The last fact surprised me the most. While other devices take several minutes to fill a balloon, the Volcano does the job in just a few seconds! You really can’t empty a bag as quick as a new one gets filled. So you probably have to use all five bags from your easy valve kit at once, since one filling of herbs (depending on its potency) can easily fill 3 – 5 entire balloons. If you’ve a solid valve system, make sure you’ll make a very big bag with your balloon tube (3m included), because with just one moutpiece included you also just can fill a single balloon per session, of course.

Today, there are two types of the Volcano, a classic edition and a digital one, as well as the two balloon kits mentioned above, you can choose from.

The classic edition differs from the digital volcano through the temperature scale only. The digital one comes with a display you can set the temperature degree-accuracy with, while the classic edition has a simple scale with a range from 1 – 9. However, this scale is very well defined and you will also be able to set the temperature pretty exactly. Both can reach a max. temperature of 230°C (or 446°F) btw.

At all, I don’t think the digital display is really mandatory and I’m sure you’ll be amazed by the Volcano classic, as well, if you’re planning to buy one of these. It’s deinitely nice to have a display and being able to follow the heating status eaxctly, but honestly I could live without this function in order to save some money.

The Volcano is very senior friendly, which I appreciate a lot. For example: The numbers on the display and all buttons are very big, so really everyone can see them. Also it’s so easy to use! Simply set the temp with the two green buttons on the left and right side of the display and push the red one to let the device heat until it has reached the desired temperature. Than put some herbs in the filling chamber and place it on the top of the heating element. Now, also place the valve on the filling chamber and wait a minute or two before you finally hit the transparent green button.

Congratulations, you’ve filled your first bag! Once, you’ve found the perfect vaping temp for your needs, you’ll be even able to operate the whole Volcano entirely with just the two transparent buttons. Easy isn’t it? It is! Although my operating instructions above doesn’t match with the one by Storz & Bickel, described in the manual, but I get much better results doing it my way!

The vapor is smooth, effective, tasty, clean, dense… and there is plenty of it! Without any doubt, the best I ever had.

The bag cools down the vapor a lot and it’s much more pleasent than any direct inhalation! However, there are lots of people that give their vapor a extra cooling by attaching the bag to their waterpipes. You can easily do this by simply pushing the mouthpiece of your valve system on the head of your chillum, or even better: get a special waterpipe adapter for your easy valve system. A lot of shops have these on stock and you can enjoy the real waterpipe experience with your Volcano.

Imho, this device is totally worth its money and you’ll get what you’ll pay for: A first class vaporizer made in Germany with amazing medical qualities. Most likely, the best there is. If you can afford it, go for it! I mean it. All the legends are true…

get your Volcano Digit here

Price:      4.0/5.0

Vapor:     4.5/5.0
Quality:   5.0/5.0
Mobility:  1.0/5.0


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