Vaporeview is a international and independent vaporizer review / test blog. My mission is to help you find the right device for your personal needs. If you have questions to one of these products I’ve posted, just write a comment and I will try to answer them asap. If you’re a producer or distributor who likes to support my work, feel free to contact me anytime! I would be very happy to test your products. vaporeview@gmx.de

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  1. Hi Mr. Weed, Noted your comments on Weecke’s C vapor and other vaporizers, I’m the marketing people from Weecke , you can contact with me for further information for our dry herb vaporizers. Thank you .

  2. Hi Mr. Weed this is Kory and I’m one of the owners of NamasteVapes. I just wanted to reach out to you I really liked the review on the Nimbin 4.0 – we’re really close with the manufacturer I sent him the link he was really happy to see it and the thread on FC as well. Your reviews are great and love your comments on FC I see them all the time although I’m not able to comment myself;) What I wanted to do was just to speak with you and see if we might be able to work together. We’ve grown really quickly and now offer amazing customer service and I think that we’ve had a lot of positive feebdack recently. We’re developing new products. This one’s kind of simple but thought you might like it we have a 14mm adapter for Crafty/Mighty up on the site take a look I’d love to send you one to test out and review! We’re picking up some new items soon too and right now I believe we have the largest selection of vapes in Europe. Do you presently run any affiliate programs we might be able to work with you on? If you could get back to me or pass on a contact number I’d love to chat I think we’d have a lot to say! You seem so knowledgeable and have tested more vapes than me;) anyways just wanted to reach out say hi and thanks for the Nimbin review if you have any questions or would like to further chat please let me know . We’d love to do some marketing with you as well

    • Hello Kory, thanks a lot for getting in touch. I’m glad you like the review. I don’t run any affiliate programs, since I like my blog to be non commercial. I’m also in contact with Sean, concerning the Guru, but haven’t heared anything new sice a few months. I hope you guys make progress. Anyway, I’m always open for collaborations, so please let me know what you have in mind. You can also send an email to vaporeview@gmx.de

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  4. Hi Mr. Weed,Recently we are developing a new wax pen, hope you can give us some good suggestions,when it released we will send 2 pcs to you for reviews, do you think its ok for you?Look forward to you reply,thanks

    Best Regards
    Yocan Kevin

  5. Hello Mr. Weed

    Hope everything is well.

    This is Mike from Topbond ( vapes manufacturer). After looking through your comments on FC and your blog, I am impressed by the way you comment a vape at your own idea and tell people what it really is. Thats why I wanna reach out to you and see if you would like to test on our two new herb vapes( Odin and Torch vaporizers). when you see them, you gonna be love’em. 🙂

    Look forward to your soon reply

    Kind Regaeds
    Mike Topbond

  6. Hi, Neat post. There’s a problem with your web site in internet explorer, may check this?
    IE still is the market chief and a large section of folks
    will miss your fantastic writing due to this problem.

  7. There are lots of transportable vapes with controllable temperatures, but there are also
    a handful vapes thzt have preset tempratures already.

  8. Hello, my name is Alessandro and I have a question about using the vaporizer. I live in Germany. I bought a portable vaporizer with a temperature setting between 160 and 210 Celsius degrees. When I bought it, I thought … I want to use it also with different herbs like mint, lemon balm, sage, damiana etc.
    Here in Germany alasé there are no herbalists like in Italy, or shops that have various herbs contained in large jars and that sell by weight. To find some aromatic herbs I had to go to the pharmacy and buy packs of herbs (I bought specifically peppermint and sage) sold as herbs for herbal teas.
    I try those herbs into the vaporizer (at the recommended temperatures that I found on internet) but these herbs are “exhausted” in one shot, unlike Cannabis that instead takes several shots before “exhausting” the active and aromatic nuances.
    I thought that probably the mint and sage I bought are too dry and then they vaporize too quickly. I am wrong?
    Do you have any advice on how to vaporize aromatic herbs or what kind of herbs should I buy?
    I hope you can help me.
    Thank you.

  9. Hello Mr. Weed,

    Was interested in seeing if you’d like to do a review on the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Concentrate Vaporizer? Would love to send it your way.


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