Xmax V2 Pro Vaporizer

v2 pro vaporizer reviewThe Xmax V2 Pro is the second portable vaporizer by chinese company Topgreen. A few months ago, I’ve already recieved a prototype of this pen style vape, which is comparable to the Imag+ by Relaxo Tech. I was holding back the review, because me and a couple of other beta testers felt that a few changes could improve the vaporizer significantly and Topgreen promised to fix these small issues as soon as possible. Well, they’ve kept their word!

Last week, I’ve finally recieved the updated version of the Xmax V2 and I’m very pleased with what I have recieved. Yes, the Xmax V2 Pro is similar to the Imag+ but a little better in my humble opinion! First of all, the airpath is now entirely sealed from the electronic parts. That’s one of the changes we have requested! I think, that’s also why the Xmax V2 was almost smell- and tasteless from the beginning, that’s something I really can’t say about all vaporizers, especially those comming from china.

The Xmax V2 offers five different temperature settings (between 356°F and 428°F) and all of them make sense. I’m saying this, because that is even not the case with most us or europe designed vaporizers. There is always one setting, you will never need, because it’s too hot or too cold for vaping herbs. The temperature range of the Xmax V2 Pro is perfect, though. I would have chosen exactly the same six settings, they did.

The herb chamber is made of ceramic and takes about 0,2 of fine grinded herbs. The Xmax V2 Pro heats up very quick. In under one minute only, it can reach the highest setting of 428°F. To start the unit you need to press the power button five times. When it’s activated, you wil need to press the button three times within 1,5 seconds to switch the temperature setting. That’s the biggest disadvantage of the Xmax V2 in my opinion, since that’s a lot of clicking and it can be very confusing, especially at the beginning until you’ve got the knack. A bit annoyning is also that the indicator lights of the Xmax V2 will blink all the time, when the temperature setting was reached.

What makes the Xmax V2 superior towards most of it’s competitors is that it’s powered by 18650 batteries, you can replace yourself. So if you need some extra battery power, just buy a second battery for it. Btw. they have improved the battery life significantly towards the beta unit I have, as well. A full charged battery will let you vape for about 45-60 minutes before you have to charge the battery again.

Most important: Vapor tastes good and it can be quite cloudy on a higher temperature level! No complaints here.

The mouthpiece has a exchangable screen and is made of silicone. It fits very well in 18mm water tool connectors the way it is, but Topgreen is also working on a real watertool adapter, right now.

Overall, I think it’s a very good vape for a very low price (sorry, I don’t know the exact retail price right now). It’s very stealthy too, because it looks like a big ecig to most people. The Xmax V2 Pro is my price/performance recommandation!

Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    4.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0


Update: The watertool adapter as well as a glass mouthpiece are available now, separately! The picture below shows my Xmax V2 Pro with the watertool adapter and my mini bubbler from the VC35G Vaporizer. This is my favorite way to enjoy the Xmax V2 Pro, right now.

18 thoughts on “Xmax V2 Pro Vaporizer

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  4. I love this Vape pen. But the bubbler which was purchased separately has a couple issues. It is very difficult to get dry inside after use. Also, if by chance you happen to blow into it, the water can be forced back into the Vape itself. I can only imagine the damage that would do. So I just stick to the glass mouthpiece you can get for it. Otherwise, the Vape itself is awesome!

    • yes, unfortunately some of the chinese hydratubes are not very well produced. However, that’s not TopGreens fault.

      Try to rotate the hydratube quickly (draw circles) , this way you can empty the water inside.

    • Just got mine off a pal I fink battery run flat & wouldn’t hold charge so got 2 new ones was wondering if u new how long it takes 4 a new flat battery to charge enough b4 I can start vapeing plz help

      • i don’t know for sure, but all new batteries need to be charged for several hours. You should find that information in the manual, though.

  5. hey! Thanks for a great review.
    I have got my xmax v2 pro today, when I heat it up, I can try to smell the chamber I can smell something like metal heating up with warm air. Is that normal and safe or burnoffs will get rid of it?

    It is my first vapor so I have no idea how it really works and should work normally.

    Thx for answer.

  6. Hi and thanks for your review! The bubblers confuse me…do I need two pieces, the glass mouthpiece and the bubbler attached to that? And…where do I get these? Thanks so much.

  7. I just ordered mine the other day and was wondering if anyone used this device a lot for concentrates and would you say it handles it well? Ive heard bad things and its what i mainly wanted to use it for.

  8. When you say it gives a thick cloud at higher temps isn’t that just because ure starting to burn a tiny bit of herb in there?

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