Crafty Vaporizer

crafty vaporizer reviewAfter ruling the desktop vaporizer market with the Plenty and the Volcano for a couple of years now, the famous german manufacturer Storz & Bickel finally has entered the portable vaporizer market, as well. No wonder that just a few days after the release of the Crafty Vaporizer and its big brother the Mighty Vaporizer, these two units became the most wanted portable vaporizers currently available.

With a price of 297€ (Crafty) and 347€ (Mighty), they are also two of the most expenisve portable vaporizers, though. Are they really worth it?! Well, I have a Crafty Vaporizer here and I have to agree with all the people on the net who claim that this is the best portable vaporizer. At least vapor wise this is absolutely true! The vapor production is just amazing and the vapor stays tastey all the time. No ”popcorn” flavor at all. I didn’t even know that it’s possible to build such a vaporizer! Also the cooling unit does a very good job and so the vapor is super smooth. Normally, I prefer conduction vaporizers, but this convection style vaporizer beats them all, also when connected to a water tool. There is no official water tool adapter yet, but with a simple silicone tube and an adapter from any other vaporizer, you can build your own, easily.

However, there are two small things I don’t like too much about the Crafty, but that’s maybe just because my expectations were super high on this one due to the very good reputation of this company.

First of all, you should keep in mind that you can only change the two temperature presets when you have a compatible smartphone! The list of known supported Android phones is not very long so far, while all Iphones with IOS 6.1. and higher should work! I said ”should work”, because that’s not true. I had an Iphone 4 and was very disappointed when I found out, that you need IOS 6.1. AND an Iphone 4s or higher. Unfortunately, you can only find that information on their very own website, which I haven’t checked to be honest. On Itunes, in the manual and any other place they only say ”IOS 6.1. or higher“. Hugh difference! Storz & Bickel has promissed me to change this wrong data immediately, but until today they haven’t yet.

If you have an android phone though, it’s always a bit like gambling, since you can’t know whether your phone will support the app or not. There is no real way to find out before buying one, if you don’t have one of the few supported ones from their list. In that case I would definitely recommend to check out the bigger Mighty instead, which has a built-in display for temperature control. The app has a few extra features , but honetsly I only use it myself to change the temperature. Don’t get me wrong, the app is nice, just not super necessary except for setting the temperature, imho and before you can’t use this feature, you should better stick with the Mighty imho!

The second thing I don’t like about the Crafty is that the plastic housing feels a bit cheap and I would not want to drop it on the floor, since I’m afraid it won’t survive the fall. I would have expected a little more for 300€. On the other hand the plastic does isolate the heat very well and the Crafty does never get too hot to hold in your hands.

Now my review sounds a little bit too negative. That was not my intention! I love my Crafty and it’s my absolute favorite portable, but I thought you should be aware of this, since I wasn’t. In the end I’ve bought myself a new phone in order to use it properly… 😀 So I’ve decided not too repeat all the technical things you can find in any other Crafty vaporizer review, too and concentrate on what you might didn’t know yet.

Despite from these two points above, I only can recommend the Crafty, especially if you’re looking for the best tasting vapor and you’re not on a very limited budget. This company is so famous and popular for a reason! If you can afford one: buy it.

Price:         4.0/5.0
Vapor:       4.5/5.0
Quality:     4.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0

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