Venus Vaporizer

venus vaporizer

I’m very proud to present you the Venus Vaporizer by small finnish manufacture VS Products, today. The Venus Vaporizer is not new on the market, but still it’s widely unknown outside of Finland, while it’s already the best selling vaporizer over there!

First of all, I’m totally in love with my Venus and honestly, this is my new favorite portable vaporizer! I like my Arizer Solo a lot, but the Venus beats it in the matter of efficiency, taste and vapor production, just to name a few of its advantages.
Further I’d say, that it’s the only portable vaporizer that actually performs like a home-unit and even outperforms, most of these.
That’s why I have decided to rate it as portable vaporizer, but also as a home-unit!

The Venus Vaporizer uses the Halogen convection method, which only some of the best and most expensive home-units like the Herbalizer or the Aromed 4.0 work with.
Actually, It is the one and only portable that is equipped with this amazing technology, so far!

Of course, If you’re looking for a very small and stealth portable vaporizer, you can hide in your shirt pocket, the Venus will not be your first choice, but if you’re looking for the best vapor quality, taste and efficiency, I have no doubts that you will love this one, as much as I do!
By the way, while it’s bigger and more heavy than other portable vaporizers, it’s still smaller and lighter than most desktop vaporizer, though! So, I’d say the overall size of the Venus lies somewhere between these two types of vaporizers, as well.

Generally, the design of the Venus is simple, but very charming, I think. However, I always prefer good handwork and natural components over plastic parts and a fancy and futuristic design.
The Venus is not a mass produced vaporizer from china, like most of its competitors, but was carefully made in Finland!
The workmanship shows quite well that the manufacturer cares a lot for all of their products.

But let’s talk about the performance a little more. This will help you to understand why I’m so in love with this unit. Already my first test run was a big success. I’ve turned the knob about 3/4 of the entire scale (my personal empirical value, I guess), filled my herbs in the herb chamber and put it over the lamp. Now, I’ve screwed on my blue glass dome and started the unit by pressing the boost button.
A red light starts to glow until the temperature has reached. When it turns off, you can start your session.
By now, there is already a lot of vapor under the dome, but before I start to inhale it, I press the boost button again, for only about 2 or 3 seconds and that’s where the magic happens! Another LED will start to glow and will make the vapor visible. Now you can clearly see, that the herbs are vaping like crazy and within these two seconds the whole glass dome gets filled until it’s really milky inside. For real, that’s very beautyful and it actually produces the vapor faster than I can inhale it. Very thick vapor with a long-lasting taste!
Afterwards, my used herbs have a even brownish color, exactly like it should be.

After a few more tests with different temperature settings, I came to the conclusion, that the setting I’ve described above works best for me and you get really good results when attaching it to a bong, bubbler or watertool, as well. In fact these are the milkiest hits, I ever had with a vaporizer.
The only difference is, that I push the boost button a little longer, in that case. However, 4 or 5 seconds are perfectly fine.
You can simply use any adapter from any other whip based vaporizer, for this purpose. I use the elbow piece (as well as the mouthpiece) from the arizer extreme q, for example

Anyway, everbody has their very own preferences and you will have to find out yourself, which setting works best for you!

For carrying the Venus vaporizer around, I would suggest getting a photobag, in order to avoid breaking the glass dome. The biggest origin of danger is the herb chamber, though. It’s the smallest individual component and there is just one included. So if you will loose it, you’ll have to get a new one, before you can continue using your Venus.

The Venus vaporizer is only available at their very own webshop and with just 229€, it’s a real bargain! It’s even cheaper than buying an Arizer Extreme Q or Davinci Ascent here in europe!
Shipping is free, worldwide and since they have dropped the VAT for orders outside of europe, now, US and canadian citizens also won’t have to pay more than they are used to from locally available units, anymore.

I can only advise you to get one of these, you will not regret it! That’s my honest opinion, I can vouch for with a quiet conscience.

Price:       4.5/5.0

Vapor:      5.0/5.0
Quality:    5.0/5.0
Mobility:   2.5/5.0

12 thoughts on “Venus Vaporizer

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    • that’s an interesting information, since I’ve heared before that people have trouble with their venus! i only use very high quality herbs with lots of resin, maybe that’s the reason. The quality of the herbs does make a big difference in vapor production, generally.

    • Hello Vladimir. No it’s not since the oil will collect inside the silicone tubing.
      For harvesting oil a unit with glass mouthpiece like the arizer solo is much better.

      • I was thinking if you remove the silicone tube and close the hole (maybe from inside) and let vaporizer works until there is not more vaporizing and then let it a cool a bit, oil will stick to glass which latter may be removed with some suitable tool. No? Thanks

  2. @Vladimir Radosavljevic Correct. The oil will stick to the glass. And from my experience you don’t necessarily even have to close the hole(s). You get smallish amount of that nice and gooey oil resin just after normal usage.

    • I also can confirm that by vaporing herbs normally there will be oil sticked to the glass. Sometimes I simply wash the oil off because i like the taste of vapor with a clean glass. Sometimes I collect the oil with some tobacco and vapor that again (although I don’t really like the taste of tobacco vapor). Sometimes I make hot chocolate right in the glass..

  3. I just got an apollo with the 50 watts bulb. Can i vape cbd oil in it ? How ? Sticking it on some org cotton and then in the bowl ? What about other oils ?

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