Indica Vaporizer

indica vaporizer

Since one year, I was following the progress of this new portable vaporizer, excitedly! Now, I finally hold one of these in my hands.


During this time, they have made a lot of changes and revisions based on the feedback of their beta testers and the vaporizer community, I’m a part of myself!

Imho, the Indica by Indica LLC is a prime example of crowdsourcing in the vaporizer business and I never had any doubts, that this company would release a very good unit. They had a couple of faulty designs before, they could have released already, but decided to improve these until everyone would be pleased.

They’ve earned my deepest respect for this, already. There are too many shady companys in the vaporizer business, but this one is non of these, obviously and I wish that every new company would work as transparent as these guys.


No wonder, that the Indica Vaporizer has fulfilled all my expectations, satisfactorily. This little conduction based portable vaporizer, is a real enrichment for my collection. Wrap up warm Pax, here is your strongest rival! The Zippo style portable vaporizer works with a similar technique than the Pax by Ploom, but has revised nearly all failures of it and therefore it overcomes it in basically everything.


Especially the taste of the Indica is so much better and the vapor is much more smooth and aromatic! These are basically the two main reasons, why I never really got the hype around the Pax, since this is something very essential to me.

Also the Pax is some kind of an “weed eater”, since it requires you to pack the very big herb chamber very tight, all the time. The indica guys have solved this issue by simply including a spacer, you can insert in the herb chamber, so you can decide yourself how much you want to put inside. That makes it much more flexible!

Instead of only three temperature pre-sets, the indica offers five ones, you can choose from. Personally i prefer the violet one.

Btw, did I mention the lower price point, yet?! The official retail price of the Indica Vaporizer is 50$ lower than the price of the Pax. So you can even save some money, by getting this one instead.
Good news for my european readers: Unlike the Pax, the Indica is officially available outside of north america, as well!


While the Indica vaporizer is in fact a bit bigger than a real Zippo, it is still the smallest portable vaporizer with manual temperature control, I’ve ever seen and also the most stealthy one! I think a brushed housing, would have been even a little more stealthy, though. However, they already consider to offer a black model in the future, too!

Although, I would avoid beeing seen by anyone sucking on your lighter, generally. That might raise some very uncomfortable questions.

So I can also undertsand that this lighter look is not everyones cup of tea.


Also, I think the Indica is not as fine processed as the Pax and the plastic below the mouthpiece looks a little bit cheap.

At first, this plastic part has also emitted a unpleasent smell, too, but it evaporated very quick! Therefore, I would recommend burning off possible production leavings on the highest temperature setting and clean the airpath with one of the pipe cleaners first, before you’ll start to use it for real, though.


Apart from this, which is kinda normal, I don’t have any real critique and will recommend the Indica to everyone, who’s looking for a small and stealth portable vaporizer with amazing taste!

This one was definitely made for connoisseurs like me! We need more companys like that.

Put simply, you can’t go wrong with it.


Price:       4.0/5.0

Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    4.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0

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