Vaporizer News: Uptoke Spyre Portable Vaporizer

uptoke spyreSo this forthcoming herb/oil/wax portable vaporizer is something you guys should keep an eye on! I’ve heared about this vaporizer about a year ago. Now, the Spyre Vaporizer by US company Uptoke is available on pre-order and the first (strictly limited) edition will ship in about 6 – 8 weeks, already.

Uptoke claims that the Quartz heater of the Spyre is able to reach 374°F (190°C) in oly 2,5 seconds! That would be world record, I guess!
Also the uptoke spyre comes with an build in ceramic grinder, so you can leave yours at home. I think that’s a great idea and a very useful one.

Like the Firefly Vaporizer, a CPU inside of the Spyre will automatically control the vaporizing temperature for you! When purchased from their own webshop, the Spyre comes with a five year warranty.
With a length of 177mm the Spyro isn’t the smallest unit on the market, though. Both the similar shaped pinnacle pro and the inhalater05, are at least 3,5cm shorter, while they all don’t differ in their width a lot. Also the price of 300$ is a bit higher than most other portable vaporizer.

However, if they can keep what they promise, than the Spyre Portable Vaporizer might be another big step in the evolution of portable vaporizers.


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