Falcon Vaporizer

Falcon Vaporizter ReviewThe Falcon Vaporizer by chinese company Shen Zhen Wonderful Electronic Co., Ltd is a very interesting and innovative new portable vaporizer. What looks like a Pinnacle Pro paired with the Arizer Solo is indeed the world’s first portable vaporizer with a built-in bubbler. Many companies have tried to build something like this in the past, but they all have failed so far. Needless to say, this is not the smallest or the most stealth vaporizer available, though.

If you know my reviews, you will know that I really love to use my vapes with micro-bubblers like the f-bomb or the pnp hydratube. Although, most of the time I don’t taken them with me, since I’m afraid I might break the glass on the go and hurt myself. Well, this is something that can’t happen with the Falcon, for sure!

The built-in watertank inside the Falcon is made of plastic and is very well sealed from the electronic parts. If you unscrew the bottom of the Falcon to clean out the watertank, you can actually see through the whole vaporizer, since the inner shell of the watertank is made of transparent plastic. To fill the watertank (max. 20ml!) remove the waterlid under the mouthpiece and use the small measuring jug included.

The oval metal oven (can take up to 0,2g of grinded herbs) is right under the mouthpiece as well, but you can’t draw from it directly, of course. First you have to pull the vapor all the way through the watertank below the oven. This way it gets cooled down a lot, which I believe is more pleasent for your throat, generally. Although all the plastic parts inside the Falcon have an influence on the taste of the vapor, in my humble opinion. It does not really taste like plastic or anything, but it’s also not a pure herbal flavor. To me the vapor seems quite tasteless to be honest. Pretty much like the Pinnacle Pro with a Hydratube attached.

Also similar to the Pinnacle Pro are the temperature presets of the Falvon Vaporizer. Unfortunately, I only have use for the first two (188 and 201°C) of five temperature settings. The other three settings (215/230/243°C) are way too high for herbs. I hope they will adjust them with the next update though, since this is wasted potential, I believe.

What I don’t like too much is carrying my Falcon around with still having some water in the tank and if I do, I watch out that the Falcon stands upright in my bag all the time, since it is possible to spill a few drops, for sure! However, the most senstive part the water might touch this way is the oven, which wouldn’t bee too dramatic, I guess. At least, the vaporizer won’t fail from that right away and if it does you can make use of the 5 year Ltd Warranty the Falcon comes with, since water damage is not excluded.

Still, it’s quite akward to have water and electronics so close together in such a small device. However, I think you’ll get used to it quite fast and it’s much more stealthy than any other vaporizer with an external bubbler, especially when you plan to use it in public.

Price:       4.0/5.0

Vapor:      3.5/5.0
Quality:    3.5/5.0
Mobility:   3.5/5.0


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