HipVap Herb Vaporizer

HipVap Herb VaporizerThe HipVap Herb Vaporizer by US company Hi-Spec Products, Inc. is a flask shaped portable vaporizer, comparable to the atmos transporter but smaller and far more advanced, in my humble opinion.

I’m still unsure, whether the general flask design is a good or a bad idea, though. In a country where drinking alcohol in public is prohibited, a vaporizer like this could get you in trouble easily, I think. However, drinking in public is not illegal in my country and still I feel a bit uncomfortable to use it outdoors, since people look at me like I’m an alcoholic. On the other hand that’s much better than getting arrested, since the police here does not care about drinking in public at all, but when it’s about vaping they do care for sure! Also drinking is much more socially accepted in my home country than consuming herbs. So I guess the concept of the HipVap does work here, but I’m not sure if it does apply for the north american market for example, as well.

Anyway, this is the biggest issue I have with the HipVap already! Despite from the flask shape, I think this is a nice portable vaporizer.
Unlike the Atmos Transporter it does not only have one fixed temperature setting, but allows you to set the temperature exactly between 150°F and 430°F. This makes the HipVap superior to their cheaper competitor.

Although, the difference in price is marginal. With 150$ only, the HipVap is one of the cheapest premium vaporizers, available.
Another cool feature is that you’re able to adjust the time when the HipVap powers off to converse battery life yourself (max. 10 minutes). Also the HipVap comes with a mouthpiece that fits perfectly into a 14mm female watertool connector. This way you can use your HipVap with a micro bubbler like the F-Bomb and the Pinnacle Pro Hydratube or with your favorite bong, of course. The big mouthpiece is generally better than the small one, since you can easily burn your lips when using the small mouthpiece (the one you can see on the picture above), since it’s very close to metal parts that can get very hot!

While the HipVap is called a “herb vaporizer”, it does wax and oil quite well, too. The HipVap includes two pods and eight liquid pads, so you can use your favorite concentrates right away, as well.

Vapor production is not the cloudiest or most dense I think, but it does get the job done for sure and the vapor tastes pretty good, too.
The herb chamber is located at the bottom of the unit. Too fill the metal oven, you need to fling open the lower part of the HipVap. It can take up to 0.2g of grinded herbs.

Heating time is not super fast, but it still reaches the max. temperature of 430°F within one minute, which is not super slow as well. Battery life is very good, though.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased by the HipVap. It’s a fine portable vaporizer with a lot of cool features, it’s very small, it has a strong battery, it’s cheaper than most of it’s competitors and it’s definitely one or two steps above the Atmos Transporter.

Price:       4.5/5.0
Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    4.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0


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