Airis Viva & Lativa Vaporizer

Airis Viva and Lativa Vaporizer ReviewThe Viva and the Lativa are the latest two portable vaporizers by chinese company Airistech.

Normally, I write a single review for every new vaporizer, I recieve. In this case, I will make an exception, since I believe that both units perform more or less alike. There are a few minor differences though and both units have their very own pros and cons, but in the end they are almost identical.

The main difference between these two units is a cosmetical one, I think. While the Airis Viva vaporizer is very small, even smaller than the Titan-2, the newer Airis Lativa is larger and wider, but feels more valuable than the Viva. Also the small OLED display of the Lativa seems a little more fancy.

Both units heat up super fast. The Lativa is a bit faster though, but the difference is less than 5 seconds to reach the max. temperature of 435°F.

Further I believe that Airistech is working on a Watertool attachemnt for the Lativa, as you can see on their website, however my kit didn’t include one, yet (as well as the stand charger).

While doing the initial burnoffs side by side, I’ve realized that the “new” smell of the Viva was gone faster than the Lativa. I heavily recommend doing these burnoffs by the way, because I found both units had a very strong plastic odor right out of the box.

Taste-wize, I’m not very impressed by both vaporizers. The vapor tastes better than the Titan-1 and Titan-2 for sure, which some of their owners really like, but personally I can’t say that it’s very good. I doubt that the airpath is sealed, which would explain the taste to me. Also I find that ceramic bowls (can take up to 0,2g of grinded herbs) often taste less good than metal ovens. Don’t get me wrong the taste is not necessarily terrible, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Further, the Airis Viva and Lativa vaporizers are also identical in terms of battery life, charging time, material and the overall operation.

Both units have three buttons, one to start the unit (five clicks necessary) and two to set the desired temperature. The Viva and The Lativa will automatically start to heat, once they have been activated.

Honestly, I’m not super impressed by both units, but you have to keep in mind that these two portable vaporizers are some of the most cheapest available and I find that they are a good alternative to the crappy Titan-1 and Titan-2 vaporizers, if you dont want to spend much more on a vaporizers. Personally, I would pick the Viva, when I would have to decide between these two units, because it’s super small and I believe it’s a little bit cheaper, as well.

Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      3.0/5.0
Quality:    3.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0


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