Atmos Jump Vaporizer

atmos jump reviewThe Atmos Jump Vaporizer Kit by US based company Atmos Nation, LLC is their cheapest and smallest herb vaporizer, so far.

The Atmos Jump is very similar to their Atmos Boss Vaporizer, but much cheaper! Both units are very stealthy, because they look like regular ecigs. Both units only have a single temperatue setting, as well. The exact temperature of the Atmos Boss is unknown though, while the oven of the Atmos Jump can reach 200°C. I don’t know it for sure, but vapor-wise I would say my Atmos Boss is a little colder. Maybe 190°C, however I’ve heared that they can perform very differently unlike the Jump vaporizer, which has a fixed temperature.

Anyway, I prefer the 200°C of the Atmos Jump. It’s not too cold but not too hot for me, as well. The vapor is less tasty, but more cloudy. This supports the ecig illusion better than the more wispy vapor of my Atmos Boss, I think.

Taste-wise the Atmos Jump is not super great, but not bad as well. I would recommend to do a couple of burnoffs before you will use it for the first time, though. The airpath is not sealed, you can see the small LED through the oven and I think fresh air enters around the button. Battery life is not the best (12000mAh), but enough for a couple of quick sessions.

To start the unit simply click the button five times and the Atmos Jump will start to heat instantly. This kind of vaporizer is definitely the most easy to use, in my humble opinion and you don’t need to experiment with different temperature settings at first. This is definitely nice for beginners.

The herb chamber of the Atmos Jump vaporizer is wider than the oven of the Atmos Boss and therefore it is easier to fill and empty. The mouthpiece is made of plastic, but the screen is metal (you can exchange and clean the screen, as well). The housing of the Atmos Jump is carbon fiber, which makes the Jump a super light vaporizer.

Overall, I like the Atmos Jump. It’s a nice vaporizer for a quick toke on the go. Especially when you use it in public places, there is a fair chance that people will believe you’re just using a regular ecig, right now. Imho, this is the most stealth kind of vaporizer there is. I probably would not want to buy this as my only herb vaporizer, but as a complement to a desktop vaporizer or a bulky portable, I can’t take everywhere, it’s great, I think.

The Atmos Jump is light, small, looks like an ecig, the vapor is cloudy and it’s super cheap. Actually, you can get this vaporizer for half price of the Atmos Boss (60$ only)! Definitely a fine second unit for on the go or a nice first vape for beginners.

Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      3.0/5.0
Quality:    4.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0


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