Ivaped Box Vaporizer

201561511990The Ivaped Box Vaporizer by chinese company Shenzhen Ivaped Technology Co., Ltd is a very unique vaporizer.

The Ivaped Box is the first portable vaporizer with a real glass oven, only the bottom of the herb chamber is made of ceramic. I’ve never seen an oven like this in a portable vaporizer before! This is truely a innovative design, while most vaporizers made and designed in china resemble well known models by other companys.

The airpath is entirely sealed and fresh air enters through the ceramic screen at the bottom.

It takes about 50 seconds to reach the max. temperature setting of 230°C. The Ivaped Box Vaporizer is about the size of an davinci ascent, so it’s not super small.

The cermamic cap does get very warm on the hottest setting, so better avoid touching it directly. When you use a lower temp setting (below 200°C), this is no issue, though.

The taste is really intense, pure and clean. You get very tasty but less visible vapor on 190°C, at 200°C the vapor gets very cloudy, but the typical popcorn taste will occure much faster, too! It performs very well, I was truely impressed. Never had a electronic glass heater in a portable vaporizer before. That could be a real game changer!

The inner glass screen is actually quite cool, because you can adjust the herb chamber with it by simply pushing it in a little further inside the bowl. If you have not grinded too fine, it’s wide enough that your herbs will stay in place.

However, when I’ve pulled out the glass screen (the inner glass tubing) for the first time, I’ve realized that there is a little silicone ring inside the airpath that holds the glass screen in place, so it’s not all 100% glass, as I’ve hoped! I believe it’s the same material that also protects the ceramic cap and the mouthpiece at the bottom and the the top of the vaporizer.

That beeing said, I could not taste anything bad at all and I have not done many burnoffs before I’ve used it for the first time. So the silicone ring seems not to effect the nice taste of the vapor. Still it’s a little bit dissapointing. On the other hand this is the closest thing I have seen so far when it’s about portable vaporizers with all glass… Even if it’s not perfect yet. I’m sure this design will evolve in the future, though.

What i don’t like too much is the overall design. It feels a little bit cheap for the beast inside. It also doesn’t sit too comfortable in my hand. It’s a little bulky and unhandy (size: 11,5 x 5,5 x 2,5cm, weight: 141g), but I guess some rounder edges already would help.

I like the dial, reminds me on the good old box style vapes. However, it feels a little bit loose.

Altogether I’d say it’s a great vaporizer for a very low price! Especially if you care more about performance than esthetics and don’t want to spend too much on a vaporizer, the Ivaped Box vaporizer is not a bad choice at all.

Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      5.0/5.0
Quality:    3.5/5.0
Mobility:   3.5/5.0


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