Vaporsource VS2 Vaporizer

vs2 vaporizer reviewThe VS2 Vaporizer by chinese company Vaporsource is sometimes also called the Titan-3 vaporizer, since Vaporsource claims to be the original manufacturer of the Titan-1 and Titan-2.

If you know my blog, you will also know that I’m not a big fan of these two models. However, since their release, the market has changed rapidly and today there are a few portable vaporizers made and designed in china, that actually work quite well.

The VS2 Pocket herbal Vaporizer is one of these! In fact, it has not much to do with the Titan-1 and Titan-2. Sadly, these two models still sell much better than the VS2, which was released a couple of months ago, already. Still, it’s very hard to find reliable sources of information. I believe this review is indeed the first real review of the VS2 vaporizer available!

What I hated about the Titan-1 and Titan-2 are mainly the strong plastic smell and taste, the extremly hot vapor that could burn your lips and the overall product quality. Non of this applies for the VS2, as well! The vapor of the VS2 actually tastes quite clean (and there is quite a lot of it) and does not feel too hot on the lips. I still would recommend to do a couple of burn offs first, before using it, though.

The overall quality is by far superior to the Titan vaporizers. If they are really made by the same company, the manufacturer of the Titan vaporizers must have learned a lot in the last few months. For its low price, it’s definitely a fine vaporizer.

I believe the reason why the VS2 is not as popular as the Titan vaporizers, might be the smartphone shape. I really don’t know if this is something the vaporizer community has been waiting for. I have not. Even if it’s in fact much smaller than expected, it still is a little unhandy. However, the thin lower part actually stays cool all the time, while in use. Only the brighter top part where the heater is located gets warm.

So overall, I’m not super impressed by the design, although I have to mention that it’s currently the thinnest vaporizer available! Just two years ago, basically all portable vaporizers have been giant, so I think it’s quite cool to see what’s possible today.
The metal herb chamber of the VS2 is pretty small and you can only fill in 0,1g of grinded herbs. However, for me that’s enough to get fairly medicated so I rather have a small bowl than a giant one, since I don’t like to waste any herbs. Surprinsingly, it still does produce very thick vapor.

To start the unit, hit the button in the middle five times and set your desired temperature (between 100° and 428°F) with the arrow keys. Now hold down the button in the middle for two seconds again and the VS2 will start to heat. Within 30 seconds the VS2 will reach vaporizing temperatures, already!

The biggest issue I have with the VS2 is the mouthpiece. I’m just not a big fan of plastic parts that are so close to the oven. However, it does not emit any bad plastic smell and taste and apparently it cools the vapor much better than the mouthpieces of the titan vaporizers. Also the little screens inside the mouthpiece are clean- and exchangable.

Anyway, overall I can recommend the VS2 vaporizer, if you’re looking for a super cheap electronic portable vaporizer. Especially as an alternative to the titan series, I would pick the VS2 anytime. It’s just much more advanced and feels much safer. Definitely a nice vaporizer for beginners who don’t want to spend a fortune!

Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    4.0/5.0
Mobility:   4.0/5.0


6 thoughts on “Vaporsource VS2 Vaporizer

    • Thank you Sean. Very good question. Hard to tell, though.
      There is also a VS3 already, which is more comparable to the FM V5.0s due to the glass mouthpiece and just three temperature settings. I hope I have the review ready next week.

      sill I want to answer your question:
      the VS2 is much cheaper than the FM, a bit smaller and has full temp control, but the overall quality of the FM is a little better (more robust) and the taste is better too because of the glass mouthpiece. The bowl of the VS2 is smaller… Depends on what you’re looking for!

  1. Thanks for the amazing post. I use to be a tobacco smoker for about 10 years, Then quit because People like you that shared information about electronic cigarettes on the internet, which then lead me to see it and try to use it to quit and with much success i’ve been smoke free since.

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  3. I just bought the Titan 2, 3 & 4 (or Titan II, VS2 & VS3)

    I have performed 5+ burn-offs with all of them, and then tried dry herbs. The Titan 2 tastes and smells like plastic, but the Titan 3 (VS2) is the worst.

    It stinks worse than a super bike doing a burn-out doughnut!

    The VS3 (firefly copy) is the best smelling of them all, though the vapor is still a little unpleasant, and having used it 3 times last night, I have a sore throat this morning.

    Having been a hardcore smoker for 35+ years and a stoner for 25+ years, I have been put of vaping by these units.

    • Hello Craig. I share your opinion about the Titan-2, but I have not experienced the same with the VS2! In fact mine did not smell at all and I’m very sensitive to plastic smell and taste, as well. Anyway, I’m glad you came here to let us know!
      However, you should not worry about the VS3 at all, there are pictures on Fuckcombustion of the internals and it seems absolutely save! Vaping generally is harsh, harsher than smoking, so that would explain the sore throat, I guess.

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