NimbinVap 4.0 7 in 1 Vaporizer Multitool

nimbin 4.0 vaporizer

The Nimbin vaporizer multitool by australian company NimbinVap is definitely the most versatile smoking device and vaporizer(!) on the market! There are more than seven ways to use your NimbinVap. For example, you can use the thumb-sized device as a vaporizer, bong, hookah, joint holder, hitter, hookah and pipe. However, this is a vaporizer review blog and so I will only focus on the vaporizer function of the NimbinVap.

What I hold in my hands right now is already the forth version of the NimbinVap, since they improve it constantly. Currently, they are working on the NimbinVap 5.0, already.

Mainly, the Nimbin Vaporizer reminds me on the classic VaporGenie pipe, since both vaporizers can be operated with a regular lighter. No torch-lighter needed! Although you should keep in mind that you might inhale some harmful butane leavings, when using such a lighter. That’s why I would recommend an all-natural hemp wick lighter! This way you don’t need to fear for your health and you’ll improve the taste as well.

The NimbinVap also performs pretty much like the vaporgenie in terms of vapor production, taste and density, which means cloudy vapor, instantly! The taste might not be the greatest, but the thick vapor is very efficient and will medicate you quickly. The big difference between these two models is that the NimbinVap is much more versatile since you can attach it to your bong directly, use it as a pipe chillum, give the vapor some extra cooling with an activated charcoal filter, build your own hookah and even a balloon vaporizer (watch the video below!). Just to name a few of the many advantages of the NimbinVap.

No joke, I’m really impressed, especially because it’s so small. If you’re looking for the smallest functional vaporizer, you have found it!

The herb chamber is quite large and you can easily fill in 0,3g of grinded herbs. The outer shell is entirely made of wood, while the inner parts are made of stainless-steel.

With a price-tag around 70$ only, it is just a little more expensive than the classic vaporgenie pipe, but believe me, you’ll get so much more for your money…

I can definitely recommend this cool little gadget. Especially as a travel- and party vaporizer, but also as a vaporizer for beginners, this thing does a very good job. You won’t be disappointed!

Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      3.0/5.0
Quality:    4.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0



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