Nectar Collector v1.0 In-line Water Cooled Essential Oil Vaporizer

nectar collectorThe Nectar Collector is a in-line water cooled essential oil vaporizer by US based company Nectar Collector Colorado, LLC. The Nectar Collector combines the Hydratube technology of the Pinncale Pro with glass and titanium nails. The result is the perfect portable solution for everyone who likes to dab. Especially if you prefer your vapor cooled down by water like me! It makes dabbing so much smoother and more enjoyable, in my opinion.

So basically the Nectar Collector v1.0 is a mini watertool / vaporizer hybrid for concentrates like wax, shatter and oil, which became my favorite dabbing tool, very quickly. It’s so easy to use and it’s extremely efficent.

Just put some of your concentrates in the included ceramic bowl, heat up the titanium or glass nail with a blow-torch and dip the tip of it right into it. The concentrates will start to evaporate right away. Now start to draw slowely on the glass straw and you will milk the small nectar-collector in no time. The vapor production depends on the amount and quality of your concentrates, though!

I often just take one or two deep draws. That’s enough for me to get highly medicated. Afterwards I scrape the remaining concentrates in the bowl back together, while still warm, and put it back in the freezer until my next dabbing session. Oh and don’t be afraid to lay your Nectar Collector aside after using it, the Nectar Collector is spill proof. You can turn it around as much as you want, no water will escape this way! So you don’t need to be worried to wetten your carpet.

Basically, this is all you need to know, already! However, I have a second possible use for my Nectar Collector. With an simple watertool adapter you can use it as a Hydratube with some of the best dry herb vaporizers like the Arizer Solo, Arizer Air, Davinci Ascent, Vapexhale Cloud Evo, HerbalAire any many more. Due to the two female 14mm connectors on the top and the bottom, it is much more versatile than the Pinnacle Pro and Vapexhale Hydratubes, I think. This way you can create your very own setup, easily. Everything with standart 14mm or 18mm connectors can be attached. For example, you could attach a whip with a whipadapter, add a second nectar collector or hydratube, or exchange the straw for an jet flash pipe to give your vapor some extra cooling (this is what I like to do with mine).  Feel free to share your personal ideas with me any time!

The biggest disadvantage of the Nectar Collector is its price, I guess. You have to pay between 240 and 900$ for a original Nectar Collector. That’s even more than a Vapexhale Hydratube! Although, you should keep in mind that all the beautyful Nectar Collectors are handmade in the US and the quality of the glass parts is very exceptional! This is pure art in my eyes and definitely worth its price. The Nectar Collectors are real collector’s items. Don’t support any bootleggers and get the real deal!

Price:         3.5/5.0
Vapor:       4.0/5.0
Quality:     5.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0


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