Dark Knight Brave Vaporizer

Dark Knight Brave VaporizerThe Dark Knight Brave is the next new portable vaporizer by chinese company Jomo Tech! With a size of 11,5 * 5 * 2,5cm and a weight of 200g, it is not the smallest and most portable vaporizer around, but an advanced unit with a very strong battery and the same approved technology, they have already used for the Dark Knight Honour vaporizer.

Therefore the Dark Knight Brave is very similar to their last model and offers exactly the same features. This means you can increase the temperature in steps of 10°F up to a maximum temperature of 580°F, which is extremely high for a portable vaporizer and great for concentrates like wax, shatter or oil. This is one of the most unique features of the Dark Knight Brave. Except for the Dark Knight Honour, I don’t know a second portable vaporizer that supports such high temperatures.

Aside from that, you can save three different personal settings with your preferred temperatures and the shut-down time (max. 2:30 min). This can become very handy, if you are using the same settings again and again, but need to switch between these all the time.

Size- and weight-wise the Dark Knight Brave reminds me on the Davinci Ascent, technically I see some similarities to the classic Davinci, though. Especially the ceramic herb chamber and the opening mechanism reminds me on the Davinci. It does not have the same disadvantages, though and so filling the herb chamber is not an issue here.

The airpath is very similar to all the pax-style vaporizers, however there is not just one, but two airpaths, which merge in one right below the mouthpiece. This provides the Dark Knight Brave with a better airflow. Positive is also that the airpaths seem to be seperated from the electronics quite well. Although, the airpath is also the biggest disadvantage of the Dark Knight Brave. Not only that you have to clean two airpaths all the time, there is an angle in it somewhere, so you can’t reach every part of it with a pipe cleaner. After a while, this can become a problem, I guess!

Vapor-wise it is comparable to the Dark Knight Honour, as well. The Dark Knight Brave produces nice cloudy and tasty vapor (depends on your setting, of course!). Although, the temperature fluctuates stronger than I’m used to from the Honour! If you don’t want it to get any hotter than what you have set, you should use a 10°F lower temperature, generally.

Overall, I’m very pleased by the Dark Knight Brave. Definitely one of the best chinese designed and manufactured portable vaporizers, I have seen so far. Unlike other companys, they seem to know quite well how a vaporizer should perform and they are definitely able to build it.  The Dark Knight Brave is a fine choice, if you’re looking for a dry herb and concentrate vaporizer with a strong battery.

Price:         4.0/5.0
Vapor:       4.0/5.0
Quality:     4.0/5.0
Mobility:   4.0/5.0


7 thoughts on “Dark Knight Brave Vaporizer

  1. great until it’s block. eventually resins up and pretty much impossible to clean inside main chamber unless you break it open. if anyone knows different i would love any extra info

    • that’s true, I’ve mentioned that in my review as well and I still have not found a solution for that either. Maybe a few drops of iso alcohol might get the job done, though.

  2. I don’t understand how the charging works…. It says to charge for 7 hours! But the light & everything goes green after just like an hour. This is however my first time charging & using…. I was wondering if they pre charged it or something. I hope some one can tell me how to figure this out?? Lol the instructions are worded….. Stupidly…
    Please email.



    • Hello Cheynna, that’s absolutely normal. It only takes one hour to charge the battery, however most units need to be charged for a long time, before you use it for the first time. It has something to do with the general battery life. This way it will have a longer life, generally.

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  4. Yeah, when I increased the temperature over 500°F my Dark Knight Brave began to clog up. I like the iso alcohol suggestion. I have the 91% strength. It’s good to know that the air tubes are away from the electronics.

  5. Iso will not do it. And, when you break it open, there is no way to fix it. You have to throw it away. It is a waste of money to by it, due to the impossibility of cleaning it. Don’t waste your money. I did, and live to regret it.

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