Puffly F2 Vaporizer

puffly f2The Puffly F2 is the second new portable vaporizer by manufacturer Vaptio. While the Puffly F1 resembles the V2 Series 3 technology, the Puffly F2 is a very unique design. With a size of 145*45*35mm it is one of the biggest modern portable vaporizers on the market though, even bigger than the Arizer Solo, but also has one of the strongest batteries (3600mAh) I’ve seen so far! So the Puffly F2 Vaporizer is very interesting for heavy vaporizer users who don’t need a stealth vaporizer, but the longest battery power.

Unfortunately, the temperature presets don’t make much sense for a portable dry herb vaporizer! Only one of all three presets (200°C, 230°C, 260°C) is suitable for dry herbs, unless you prefer combustion. Please note: The F2 was not designed to use it with wax or oil!

That’s wasted potential, since apart from that the Puffly F2 seems quite good to me! Hopefully they will adjust the temperature as soon as possible, because I believe that the F2 can become a very popular unit, with more reasonable settings.

The taste is clean, the vapor is quite thick and not harsh at all. Also the heating time is very short (below 30 seconds).

The oven is located at the side of the unit and is covered by a teflon cap. I have never seen a vaporizer that uses teflon, but seems save up to temperatures of 400°C. I have also not noticed any bad smell coming from the unit, when doing my initial burn-offs without any herbs in the oven! The oven itself is made entirely of metal and takes about 0.3g of grinded herbs, easily.

The airpath is very short and leads directly into the plastic mouthpiece, so on the way it won’t get in contact with any electronic parts. Also it’s easy to clean with a simple pipe-cleaner.

Overall, I like the Puffly F2 vaporizer. This company has a lot of potential to build revolutionary devices. However, the Puffly F2 is far from being perfect yet. Although, if you don’t need countless temperature presets and you are fine with a single setting of 200°C, the Puffly F2 is not a bad choice. Especially if you’re looking for a vaporizer with a very strong battery.

Also the price is very fair! The Puffly F2 vaporizer is available in five different colors, for 130$ each and can only be ordered from Vaptio directly!

Price:         4.5/5.0
Vapor:       4.0/5.0
Quality:     4.0/5.0
Mobility:   3.5/5.0


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