Puffly F1 Vaporizer

Vaptio Puffly F1 Vaporizer

The Puffly F1 Vaporizer is one of two portable dry herb vaporizers by new and widely-unknown manufacturer Vaptio! I came across this unit by searching for an alternative to the V2 Series 3 and the Atmos Boss. However, we all know you need to be careful with comapnys who claim to have a ecig vaporizer that works with herbs. Thank god, this company is non of these.

The F1 is exactly what I’ve hoped for! Up to date, it’s the third known ecig style vaporizer that does not combust herbs and with 60$ only, the Puffly F1 is also the cheapest of its kind so far.

Especially, if you’re not interested in eliquid or wax and oil, the Puffly F1 seems like a good choice. Already the price outrivals the much more expensive Atmos Boss, which offers the exact same features. Both units have been designed for dry herbs only, while the Puffly F1 is even a bit smaller and lighter. Performance-wise my Atmoss Boss and my Puffly F1 are pretty much a like. The Vaptio Pufly F1 claims to have a max. temperature of 220°C, but the vapor feels more like the actual temperature is around 190°C to me. It’s definitely more wispy than the vapor my V2 Series 3 produces. Generally, this is a good thing, since I’m not a big fan of too hot vapor anyway, but it’s great for the ecig illusion!

Despite from that and the missing cartridge system, the Puffly F1 and the V2 Series 3 seem pretty much identically in construction. However, I know that not every V2 Series 3 vaporizer performs alike, so I believe that might be the same with the F1 too and it’s possible that some units reach higher temperatures than others. This would explain the difference between my Puffly F1 and my V2, at least. Everything else seems pretty much identical to me. There are just a few minor differences. Negative is that the Puffly F1 has a plastic mouthpiece, instead of a silicone one, positive is that there is a magnetic mouthpiece cover that keeps the mouthpiece clean and overall the F1 is less shaky than the V2.

So in addition I would heavily recommend to read my V2 Series 3 vaporizer review, as well.

If you’re in the market for an ecig type vaporizer that can vape dry herbs for real and don’t need an option to use wax, oil or eliquid, check out the Puffly F1. Currently, this is the cheapest alternative to the V2 Series 3 and the Atmos Boss!

You can get it in five different shiny colors for 60$ only, exclusively at vaptio.com

Price:         5.0/5.0
Vapor:       3.5/5.0
Quality:     4.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0


5 thoughts on “Puffly F1 Vaporizer

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  2. I am very interested in this unit, however the site looks very sketchy. The last blog post was months ago, and i can not find any other reviews besides yours online. I still am interested though. How does this vape stack up against the mflb?

    • Hello. Yes, I had to convince them to send me a review unit. They’ve been very sceptical and I don’t think they’ve send out further review units to other bloggers. That’s probably the reason. However, it’s exactly what I’ve described: a v2 series 3 clone with build in loose leaf cartridge. Very hard to compare to a mflb, since they are very different. It’s definitely easier to use, since it doesn’t have a learning curve.

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