Dark Knight Honour Vaporizer

Dark Knight Honour Vaporizer

The Dark Knight Honour is the second portable vaporizer by chinese company JOMO Tech!

While I wasn’t too impressed by the first vaporizer of their Dark Knight series, I’m very surprised how good the luxury Honour is in fact. This is not just another cheap copy of an popular unit, but a very unique and clever design. I’m sure (former) glass and one hit pipe smokers will enjoy this a lot, since the Dark Knight Honour is pretty much a hybrid of a glass pipe and a vaporizer, as well as a home-unit and a portable. The hits are very heavy, while the vapor is dense and clearly visible, so vaping with the Dark Knight Honour comes very close to smoking a pipe, for real! However, you don’t, of course.

Unfortunately, the Dark Knight Honour does not work with water, though! This is also the biggest disadvantage, already. No doubt, the Dark Knight Honour is a good vaporizer, but with extra water cooling it would be even better, I believe. A portable vaporizer with a integrated bubbler would be a real market niche too, that’s for sure. Although, the long glass mouthpiece cools the vapor enough to be pleasent for your throat, anyway.

The Dark Knight Honour comes with a small aluminium case to carry it around, safely. This is very important, since if you break any of the glass parts, you won’t be able to use it anymore. So if you’re very clumsy, I would not recommend this particular unit to you, but if you’re able to handle things with sensitiveness, you will be fine.

Of course, it is also not the smallest or the most stealthy vaporizer on the market, so I would avoid beeing seen with it in public.

Very important to me is that you’re able to take off all the glass parts to clean them, seperately!

The herb chamber is at the top of the Dark Knight Honour, right below the glass dome. You can fill in about 0,2g of grinded herbs in the ceramic heating element, directly or use the small glass bullet for your oil and wax.

With a max temperature of 580°F, the Dark Knight Honour has one of the widest temperature ranges of all vaporizers, I’ve seen so far. You can set your desired temperature in steps of 10°F, each. The heating time is also quite fast. The Dark Knight Honour is able to reach vaporizing temperatures in under thirty seconds! The battery life is amazing, too… I did not need to charge it yet and I’ve used it quite often.

The shut-down time can be set by yourself, as well (max 5 minutes and 50 seconds), but you can also reactivate the Dark Knight Honour manually, by simply pressing the start button again.

I like the Dark Knight Honour a lot and would recommend it to everyone, who is searching for a relatively cheap vaporizer they can use at home and on the go, likewise. You should be able to handle this vaporizer with care and don’t mind that it’s quite larger than other portables!

Also make sure to watch out for the Dark Knight Brave, which will be released anytime soon.

Price:         4.0/5.0
Vapor:       4.0/5.0
Quality:     4.0/5.0
Mobility:   3.0/5.0


12 thoughts on “Dark Knight Honour Vaporizer

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  2. Have you heard any more about these.there kinda hard to find.looks amazing but im 49 and money doesnt come cheap when disabled.it will be my first vaporizer and i like the idea of herb and wax.

    • yes, it’s a nice unit. However, it’s quite large. There are other vapes in that price range that are much cheaper than this one and also can vape herbs and wax, as well.

    • I have the Dark Knight Honour in stock I am working on listing the newest in the Dark Knight Series called “Spirit” which has a bubbler. I’m at odds right now because I ordered a bunch of these with the implicit conversation that these are for concentrates only. The packages I received have a tobacco(haha) coil reference and picture but the one I opened didn’t contain this coil. That’s a huge problem if people want that too. Anyway, just wanted to let you all know, I carry the DK2 at a very competitive price.

  3. So what about the warranty period. I purchased from a store that ‘ All sales were final” and when I got it home and charged it, ….it would not heat up , or light up the different color lights.

    In short I got ripped off.

    • Hello Sloan, have you contacted the shop already? I would try to get back my money this way (or a replacement), since chinese ompanys often won’t handle warranty cases with the customers, directly.

      • I am an authorized dealer. Even if you didn’t buy it from me, if you have a receipt less than a year old and it can be proved to be a manufacturer defect, I can replace it. Feel free to reach out through my website

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