Coney Pop-Vapor Wand Vaporizer #POP-6801 (LSV counterfeit)

coney pop vaporizer

Obviously, the Coney Pop-Wand Vaporizer is a Lifesaber (short: LSV) counterfeit…

Just for the record: I would never recommend to buy or to use such a vaporizer, that’s why I won’t give it a final rating! However, I found this on a well-known marketplace for just 30€ and thought I’ll give it a shot, since I know this low price is very attractive and some people who can’t afford the real deal will fall for it, for sure.

Honestly, with cheap chinese vaporizers like the Top-Vapor and the Fuzion models on my mind, I’ve excpected the worst from this LSV vaporizer clone. I mean what can you expect from a vaporizer that’s so much cheaper than anything else, available?! Surprisingly, a lot. Already the glass parts included are worth the few bucks, I believe. I have no original Lifesaber vaporizer, so I might miss some important differences, but this thing looks like the real deal to me. Except for the glass parts, which seem significantly less valuable than the original parts (and of course there is no backpack). Looks pretty much like the Arizer Extreme Q accessory to me. However, even such a accessory kit is almost as expenisve as the whole Coney Pop-Vaporizer. Still, it includes almost everything the original LSV has, too. Without a doubt, that’s a lot of gear for a 30€ vaporizer.

Other differences are that the Coney-Pop Vaporizer is slightly lighter and the cabel is attached sideways, not at the bottom. This is even an improvement over the original Lifesaber.

Anyway, there must be a fly in the ointment somewhere and if the airpath wasn’t entirely sealed from the electronics, as it’s the case with the original Lifesaber, I would not dare to use the knockoff vaporizer. I’ve seen a lot of scam in the industry, including fake ceramic heating elements…

However, the Coney Pop-Vapor has non of these, but the same ceramic stick, I know from the Silver Surfer. So overall, it looks pretty save to me. Also performance-wise it seems okay to me, it does what it is supposed to, at least. Still I don’t want to guarantee for the safety of this cheap vaporizer clone, since I don’t know what’s inside of this vaporizer counterfeit, for real. What I can say for sure though, is that the Coney-Pop is definitely not produced in the same factory than the original Lifesaber vaporizer, like these companys often claim. 7th Floor LLC is known for producing their units in the USA, directly, but this one comes from China, without a doubt!

To cut a long story short, don’t support product piracy in any way! I know, everyone wishes for a vaporizer which is as low as this cheap Lifesaber counterfeit, but don’t forget that all that glistens is not gold. Even if I didn’t find something to gourse about, I would not feel comfortable using it, since I know quite well that these companys who produce counterfeits like this are just interested in money and not in the safety of their own products. So I bet this one was build with the cheapest parts available.

I can’t stop you from buying such a device, but I would definitely not recommend it.

Price:         x.x/5.0
Vapor:       x.x/5.0
Quality:     x.x/5.0
Mobility:   x.x/5.0


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