Atmos Boss Vaporizer

atmos boss vaporizer

The Atmos Boss Vaporizer is exactly what this company already claimed to have years ago: an actual ecig type vaporizer that is able to vape dry herbs! Needless to say, I’m not a big fan of Atmos Nation USA, since they have been one of the originators of what I’d like to call “the biggest fraud in the history of vaporizers”. They have lied to their customers shamlessly in the past and tricked them to buy one of the earlier ecig type vaporizers for dry herbs. So these people have every reason to be mad at this company, since they’ve spend a lot of money just to find out that these things only combust herbs! And still Atmos sells these until today…

Anyway, the time has changed and since the release of the V2 Series 3 we know that it’s possible to build ecigs that are able to vape dry herbs, for real. The Atmos Boss is the second vaporizer I know, that gets the job done!

It is slightly bigger and more heavy than the V2 Series 3 and with 109€ it is also a bit more pricey, while the heating time is on par.

At first I thought, that the Atmos Boss has a regular 510 connector. This would have been a hugh advantage over the V2 and would have made it very versatile, since you would have been able to attach thousands of cool ecig mods and stuff. However, it turns out that you can only use your Boss with the dry herb conduction mod that is included, everything else won’t work, unfortunately. So there is no way to use the Boss with eliquids, wax or oil, as well. So the Atmos Boss is more a dry herb vaporizer, that looks like an ecig, while the V2 Series 3 is an actual ecig that can vaporize dry herbs, too. A hugh and very important difference!

However, the Atmos Boss has a few advantages over the V2 Series 3 too, so I still can recommend this vaporizer to a particular group of people and I can vouch for that this Atmos product works as advertised.

The big difference between the V2 and the Atmos Boss Vaporizer is that the Boss has a larger herb chamber and the vaping temperature is lower, therefore the vapor is a bit more smooth and longer lasting but also less cloudy, of course. So if your looking for the most stealthy vaporizer, but can’t stand high vaping temperatures and don’t need an option to vaporize anything else than herbs, the Boss will definitely suit you better than the V2! So overall, the Boss is pretty much like the classic Imag, but smaller and lighter and with a vaping temperature below 200°C.

Price:         4.0/5.0
Vapor:       3.0/5.0
Quality:     4.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0


8 thoughts on “Atmos Boss Vaporizer

  1. First off you are a great help. I’m new to vaping, I’m looking for a portable vape for dry herbs…I can’t use this at home because of my wife so it’s main use would be when I’m walking down the street to and from work basically. I live in Manhattan, NY so the streets is always busy and I’m looking for something inconspicuous. The Pax is out of my budget right now, and the Magic Flight doesn’t seem as discreet as a pen style vape would. The pinnacle, the g pro, and the titan all seem to be the same product and the price seems up my alley, but what are the differences… and if the titan is any good how about the titan 2(hebe)? The large chamber sizes appeal to me and I heard that something like the Yocan 94F combust instead of vapes. Getting a huge cloud doesn’t matter to me as much as taste and even that isn’t a big factor as much as battery life. I’m not even sure how vaping works exactly, I’m use to blunts and one hitters and I assume vape pens are more like a one hitter. Please help

      • Thank you so much, if you get the chance can you Terry to review the Atmos LIV, is not too popular and looks like a flowermate…I can’t seem to find a review of it anywhere

      • honestyl, this one ranks not very high on my to-do list, however I’m quite sure that the Liv is nothing else than a Flowermate with some minor modifications.

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