V2 Pro Series 3 Premium 3-in-1 Vaporizer

V2 Pro Series 3 3-in-1 Vaporizer

Forget everything you know about ecigs and dry herbs! Yes, it is true. The Series 3 Premium 3-in-1 Vaporizer by US company V2cigs is the first ecig type vaporizer that is truely able to vape dry herbs, next to eliquid, wax and oil!

Hundrets of companys claim that they have such a vaporizer, but by now we all know that non of these get the job done, for real! Countless people got scammed this way in the past and left the stores with a expensive, herb-combusting device, instead of a real vaporizer.

Some people even believe that it’s technically impossible to build such an unit. That’s why I was very sceptical when I’ve heared about the V2 Pro Series 3 first too, but after the first very positive reviews have appeared, I’ve decided to give it a chance, since I had to find out myself if it’s really true what people say about the Series 3.

I still can’t believe it, but yes it is. If you ask me, this is the biggest step forward in the history of vaporizers, in a very long time! It’s excatly what so many people have been waiting for… the most stealthy (functional) vaporizer for dry herbs, you can enjoy in public, without attracting attention at all! The demand for such an unit is hugh and finally there is a company that fills this gap.

The herb chamber is rather small and you can hardly fill in more than 0,1g of grinded herbs, but the vapor is very thick, which complement the ecig illusion, very well. Now only the smell can reveal what you have currently inside your V2 Pro.

Also the vapor is very clean tasting! In terms of vapor, you can compare the V2 Series 3 best with the classic Imag by Relaxo Tech. There is only one temperature setting and it will eat up your herbs very quickly, but it is very effective and gets you medicated very well. Since the temperature setting is rather high, you will have released all active components within two cycles of two minutes already, but your herbs will come out even browned, as they should. There is definitely no combustion going on, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I’m totally amazed! Surely, it’s not the best solution for dry herbs, but I see the V2 Pro Series 3 Premium Vaporizer as an ecig at first, with the option to turn it into a adequate vaporizer for dry herbs by simply switching the cartridges.

Without a doubt, it’s the most advanced and classy ecig, currently on the market and I have to confess that this little bad boy brought me back to vaporize eliquids, as well, since some other ecig type vaporizers I’ve had before, haven’t even been able to handle these very well, too.

If you’re looking for the most stealthy vaporizer for dry herbs, or simply need a real 3-in-1 vaporizer that works as advertised, your search is over now! Get yourself the V2 Pro Series 3 Premium 3-in-1 Vaporizer Kit for only £49.99. However, you should note, that the Vaporizer Kit only includes the eliquid cartridge and you have to order the loose leaf/dry herb cartridge for £15.99, separately. A essential oil and a wax cartridge, will be available anytime soon, too.

Also make sure to watch out for the forthcoming V2 Pro Series 7 and 9!

Price:         5.0/5.0
Vapor:       3.5/5.0
Quality:     4.5/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0


13 thoughts on “V2 Pro Series 3 Premium 3-in-1 Vaporizer

  1. Small enough to fit in your pocket, Puri5 never burns your tobacco, releasing a delicious, satisfying vapor. It’s the world’s most pocket-able, premium loose-leaf Vaporizer.

    • Hello Anna.

      Sorry but I had to remove all the links from your comment.
      If you want to advertise on my blog, you’ll need to send me one of your units.
      Only this way, a blog like mine can survive.
      Send me an email to vaporeview@gmx.de, if you’re interested.

      Thanks for understanding.

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  3. Hey Vaporeview
    I really like your review of the v2 pro series 3! I am interested in buying the pro series 7 but I have no clue how to get one here in Europe (Germany). Have you already got ur v2 pro series 7 and did you have any problems with the custom duty. Im really sorry for that retarded question =D

    Thank you.



    • Hello Simon, I’m not sure if V2 cigs (USA) does send it to Germany. I think only V2 UK does, however they only have the Series 3 at the moment. V2 Germany doesn’t have both, unfortunately.

      And no, I haven’t recieved one yet, myself. Sorry

  4. How does the Series 7 stack up? My understanding is that the Series 3 doesn’t smell too much, but I don’t know about the 7.

    • Not sure where that info comes from. Unfortunately, my Series 3 smells really bad due to the high temperatures and I find it hard to get rid of the smell. It’s definitely not stealth in terms of smell, imho.

      My series 7 isn’t here yet and I beleieve it might take another couple of weeks, before I can tell you more about it.

  5. I’m stuck between the atmos boss and the v2 series 3. Which one overall do you think is better? Is the battery life on the boss a lot longer than the v2? Let me know what you recommend! thank you =]

    • Hello Kimmie, thanks for your comment.
      I would recommend the V2 series 3, since it’s more versatile and can handle wax and oil too (with the right cartridge). The Battery Life of the Atmos seems a little better, but I prefer the thick vapor of my V2! Hope that helps.

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