DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

davinci ascent

Without a doubt, the Davinci Ascent by Las Vegas based company Organicix, LLC. is one of the most advanced portable vaporizers currently on the market. When the Ascent was released last year, it has revolutionized the vaporizer market. Not only that it was the first portable vaporizer with an (almost) pure glass airpath, it was also the first smart vaporizer, back then! Almost, because technically there is a little silicone ring, but by now we known that silicone can easily stand the high temperatures of a vaporizer and therefore this is absolutely no issue, I think.

The Davinci Ascent is a smart vaporizer, because of the plenty options to program your very own heating cycle! This means you can tell your Ascent exactly at which temperature you would like to start, when it should change the temperature and how much it should increase or decrease the temperature, as well as which temperature you would like to end your session with, of course. That’s truely a awesome and unique feature. Sure you can also control the temperature manually, but if you repeat the same cycle again and again anyway, it’s so much more comfortable to set it once and save it for the future.

Performance-, size- and weight- wize, you can compare the Ascent with the Arizer Solo, best. It’s definitely not the smallest and lightest vaporizer on the market, but it still fits in your jeans pocket easily, unlike the minivap for example. It is also not the fastest in terms of the heat up time, but it still gets the job done within a single minute.

The herb chamber is located at the vaporizers bottom. To open it, you just need to swing it out. However, it’s a little bit uncomfortable to fill and empty the herb chamber from that position.

The glass parts are very thin and a little fragile, so better watch out! Very positive is, that Organicix offers two types of watertool adapters for the Ascent themself, next to the regular glass stems. I prefer the small and straight ones, over the u-shaped adapters, since these will let you attach a hydra tube (like the pinnacle pro watertool or the f-bomb), which perform really great combined with the Ascent. That’s my favorite way to enjoy the cloudy and tasty vapor of this unit.

Yes, the DaVinci Ascent is not the cheapest portable vaporizer, but for what you’ll get, the price of 229€ is absolutely fair, I think. However, you should keep in mind that you will probably want to upgrade your Ascent, quickly and get some additional gear like the water tool adapter and a bubbler, too.

Overall, the Davinci Ascent is a advanced portable vaporizer, with lots of cool and unique technical features, you’ll enjoy as much as I do, for sure. It definitely belongs to the cream of the crop.

Price:         4.0/5.0
Vapor:       4.5/5.0
Quality:     5.0/5.0
Mobility:   4.0/5.0


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