The Hammer Vaporizer

the hammer vaporizer

The Hammer Vaporizer by Head Tools LLC is a very popular butane-powered vaporizer in the us and canada. I know this one has a lot of fans, but still I’m a bit disappointed with what I have recieved.

Unlinke the Iolite or WISPR, the Hammer requires you to manually heat your herbs and therefore it’s much more like a torch-lighter powered vaporizer. The only real difference is that the Hammer has a build-in torch-lighter and you’ll only need one hand to use it. Still, you have to hold down the trigger all the time and this gets very annyoning, quickly. You have to hold it down for about 30 seconds, for each puff. Overall, you have to hold down the trigger for at least 5 minutes to finish a single bowl. They could have easily installed a simle fixing for the trigger, which would make this process so much more comfortable.

Also most torch-lighter powered vaporizers have the airpath seperated from their heating-element. Not so the hammer! This means you will also inhale a lot of leavings from the butane. Yumyum.

With about 99$ the Hammer is quite cheap, that’s its biggest advantage, but I think even that is too much, for what you will recieve. The most valuable parts of the Hammer are the two glass stems, while the actual device has the charm of a low-class torch-lighter and I’m sure the tawian produced vaporizer will break as easy, too. What’s really cool though are the plenty hand-blown custom stem you can get for your hammer.

The next issue I have with the hammer vaporizer is that it is very complicated to adjust properly. Sometimes you even have to unscrew your hammer and modify the + – scale yourself in order to get it to work, correctly.

Sure, you have a lot of options to adjust the temperature with the hammer, but overall I think it’s too complicated to set properly and I prefer a single fixed temperature like the Iolite and the WISPR have.

The good news is, that the Head Tools guys are working on a upgraded version right now, called the hammer pro and this new model should have fixed a few of these issues, at least. Currently, they are running a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo and you have the chance to get one of these for only 69$ (early hammer vaporizer pro perk). Anyway, I’m not sure if they really need that funding, since they promiss to deliver your hammer pro right after the campaign has ended in december this year, so I guess they already have everything they need.

Anyway, if you’re still planning to buy a hammer vaporizer right now, you should definitely wait for the hammer pro to be released next month.

Price:       4.0/5.0
Vapor:      2.5/5.0
Quality:    2.5/5.0
Mobility:   4.0/5.0

4 thoughts on “The Hammer Vaporizer

  1. Dude I disagree with you on pretty much every point, I usually respect your opinion on FC but this is such an unfair review for the hammer. I am by no means a hammer fanboy, but come on 30 seconds, for each puff??? you can heat up the hammer in 20 sec and 5 sec for each (massive)draw after if you adjust the heat higher, which you DO NOT have to unscew any thing for, just push forward the notches on the inner ring of the adjuster, which you would know of you read the thread, which i am now doubting….you absolutetly DO NOT inhale butane if you use it properly, the exhaust is on the bottom whereas air comes through the back…….the vapor of the hammer, when used properly is top notch, on par with lotus, 2.5??? R u serious,…..the hammer is way better than the one-temp-always-breaking/leaking wispr/iolite (I have both), please mr.weed, I really think you lost the plot with this review, see you in the threads 🙂

    • well, i prefer both the wispr and the iolite over the hammer by far, that’s the truth. It’s way to hard to adjust proper and it does smell like butane a lot! I even prefer the vaponic, lotus, vaporgenie… over this plastic thing and without a doubt any of these devices are way better build than this thing. definitely not worth the price. For 30€ I would have given it a different review for sure, but this thing is way to expensive for what you get. Btw. the 30 seconds of pre-heating seems kind of normal. I have seen plenty people who say they can’t even get any visibile vapor in that time, without modifying the scale!

      Anyway, a vaporizer review is always a personal opinion and nothing definite. I know quite well that the hammer has a lot of fans, but I’m definitely non of these.

      • I agree with you: review is in part based on a personal opinion. but, objective data are way more important than a simple “I like it” or “i don’t”, or (even worst) than the rumors of people using it in wrong way, don’t you agree?

        So when you state 30 sec for each puff and 5 minutes of “fire on session” you are giving us bad info, very bad because a lot of people used it already (on FC there is a nice thread as you know) and most of them agree on around 30 sec heat up from cold and 10 secs once warm, giving around a minute of fire on (80% less than what you stated). And this is not personal opinion but objective data.

        So rather you are not using it right despite the fact that there are a lot of how to use it info on FC or elsewhere or you want to give it bad notes despite its quality and none of this options gives credit to your reviewer skills.

      • hello andrea, thanks for your comment. of course pre-heating reduces the heating time between hits… but what happens if you don’t take one puff after another?! especially when attached to a bong, i doubt that the 10seconds are enough, because you will wait longer between the puffs, too. as stated here often, i always wait at least one minute between every hit and this is enough time to cool down a lot. so maybe it’s just 20seconds for me, that’s still annoying, when a simple mechanism that holds down the trigger automatically, would have fixed this issue! So in fact your your objective data is a personal opinion too, since not everybody uses their hammer with the same puff-frequency than you! please think about it.
        also it might be true, that I’m not using it right, but that’s simply because it’s too complicated to set properly. Imagine how someone with no vaporizer experience must feel…

        anyway, it was not my intention to hurt anybodys feelings, but there are much better options for the same price or lower, i think!

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