Tips & Tricks: Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder

finishing grinder

The Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is a very nice little accessory for your Magic Flight Launch Box and any other dry herb vaporizer. Originally, it was designed to fit in the trech of your launch box, so you can grind your herbs directly into the herb chamber.

What differs the magic flight finishing grinder from other grinders is that your herbs will get much finer ground up and therefore your launch box can provide you with a more even extraction. However, you can use the finishing grinder with every type of dry herb vaporizers, of course.

Unlike other grinders, the fine crafted finishing grinder does not break up your herbs, instead you will have to push your herbs down through the screen at the bottom of the grinder!

There are many people who claim that the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is the best grinder for dry herb vaporizers and I have to agree, the fine gorunded material does make a difference for real!  Although it’s a little too compliacted to use, I think. You will need a lot of pressure (and I mean a lot!) in order to push your buds through the screen and there is a fair chance that some of your buds only get squised at the bottom. If the metal screen on the inner side was scarfed, it would work much better, imho!

Overall, this takes much more time than using a regular grinder. The fine grounded herbs you will recieve at the end might be worth the hassle, but I’m too lazy and impatient for the finishing grinder, I guess. However, if that doesn’t scare you off, you can get your finishing grinder here for 39$.


One thought on “Tips & Tricks: Magic-Flight Finishing Grinder

  1. A good tip for grinding whole pieces is to start slow then add pressure as you see fit (this won’t make it stick to the bottom. Also, I find grinding back and forth gently to be effective as well. An empty pill bottle is perfect to store your materials in if you’re not using your MFLB.

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