Haze Vaporizer

haze vaporizer
What I’m holding in my hands right now is the latest version of the Haze Vaporizer by US based company Haze Technologies.

Since its release in the end of april this year, these guys have worked very hard to perfect the primary model, based on early customer feedback. Apparently, they’ve done a very good job, since I’m having a hard time to find a fly in the ointment!

To understand that these guys truely care for their customers though, you just need to look inside the box. You know, the Haze not only comes with two bowls, there is just two of everything! There is a glass and a metal mouthpiece, two 2600mAh batteries, two oil, wax and eliquid bullets and even two different types of dry herb screens (both included twice, as well), next to a lot of other cool and helpful gear!

That’s exactly what the Haze differs from other portable vaporizers like the pax or the indica. It is simply more versatile. With the Haze, you even don’t need to decide between a convection or a conduction style vaporizer anymore, since it is both. Further, I have to confess that I didn’t know myself before how strong these two forms of extraction truely affect the vapor taste and quality. The Haze vaporizer is the perfect device to show somebody the difference. It’s just awesome to experience that yourself, by simply using both types of dry herb screens with the same herbs and so I always have a convection screen in one bowl and the conduction one in the other. This way, you can compare it directly and enjoy your herbs in two very different ways. Believe me, you will be amazed! Personally, I think one is more tasty, but a little bit harsh, while the other is smoother, but a bit less tasty.

Btw. compared to the pax and the indica, these screens also reduce the need to clean your vaporizer a lot, since no particles will get sucked into the airpath and resin will not gum up the oven walls as quick.

Also the exchangeable batteries, which can be charged with the external charger (that can be used as a powerbank, as well!) is a big plus. The batteries are always one of the most common sources of failure and I think it’s very stressful and annoying if you have to send back your vaporizer to the manufacturer, generally. Even worse is when the warranty of your unit is expired, though. In that case you mostly can’t do anything else, than just thow it away. Not so with the Haze!

Although, you don’t need to be worried, if you still have to send in the Haze for what reason ever, since it is backed by a ten year warranty. You just will have to give up on it for a couple of days though.

The next big advantage of the Haze over the pax and the indica is the bigger airpath. Therefore the airflow is much better and so I can imagine that the Haze will work very well, when attached to a water tool, as well. Unfortunately, an official watertool adapter is not available yet, but the good news is that they are already working on one!

Size wize, it is not the smallest portable vaporizer of its kind, but with a dimension of 7,5x8x2cm it still fits in a shirt pocket, easily. Overall, it is a very beautiful and well made device, which will get admired by tech geeks like myself, for sure. Only the plastic parts on the top and the bottom could be a little nicer.

At first, it seems a little complicated, but actually it’s very easy to use. Just open the lid, place a screen in the bowl(s) and fill in your herbs. Now start the unit by sliding the top cover to the right or left (the little symbols will show you which bowl you have activated), set the temperature by pushing the button at the top and pull the mouthpiece out of its internal storage. After about 30seconds the Haze will have reached the desired temperature and you can start to enjoy the vapor. Due to the plastic mesh around the heater, the Haze stays relatively cool all the time, btw.

Like the Arizer Solo, you won’t find any specific information about the exact temperature of the four presets in the manual, though. I believe that’s because the different screens will affect the actual temperature, differently. Anyway, I’m mainly using the third preset when using herbs, which gives me nice cloudy vapor with both screens and the fourth for wax and oil (I have not used any eliquid in it so far).

The Haze vaporizer is availabe in four different colors and can be purchased for 249.99$. Tech Geeks and vapor connoisseurs will definitely love this one!

Price:       4.0/5.0
Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    4.5/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0

4 thoughts on “Haze Vaporizer

  1. Couldn’t get the VAPUSA20VAP discount code to work with my attempted online purchase of the Haze Vaporizor at $249.99…..thanks

  2. The Haze sounds wonderful, I like the ideas of two of everything included in the box. It’s always good to have a backup. Nicely done, detailed review, thanks for posting.

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