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alfa vaporizer goboof

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the brand-new Alfa Vaporizer by Ireland based manufacturer Goboof. The Alfa Vaporizer is a very small and light conduction based portable vaporizer.

With a size of 2x5x9cm and a weight of 103,5g only, the Alfa is in fact the smallest and leightest vaporizer of its kind, so far. Watch out Indica and Pax, here comes your strongest rival!

To say it in advance: You can compare it best with these two units and for several reasons, the Alfa is my favorite amonst these three vaporizers! Most important for me is the fact that the Alfa is not manufactured in china, unlike its competitors. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen many vapes coming from china, good ones and bad ones, but quality control is very different here in europe! You know, vaping is no fun, if you think you might poison yourself while using it. The pax and the indica, are non of these too, but if products made in china worry you generally, like myself, you should definitely check out the Alfa.

The Alfa vaporizer haven’t had any bad smell or taste from the beginning. It’s one of a very few units, I haven’t had to burn off any production leavings first and was able to get clean and tasty vapor, right away.

The herb chamber is at the units bottom. The Lid is a bit complicated to close at first though, but you will learn to handle it quickly!
Compared to the Pax and the Indica, the herb chamber is rather small and it can only take about 0,1g of grinded herbs. However, I rather use 4 times 0,1g of herbs than once 0,4g. Especially, if you don’t need that much to get medicated, you won’t waste valuable medicine with it.

Also the heating pin inside of the herb chamber provides better heat circulation within and will use your herbs very equally.

You can choose between three different temperature presets. Lo is 190°C, Mid is 210°C and Hi is 220°C. However, I only use the Lo and the Mid setting for dry herbs.

At first, it seems like the Alfa would offer less tempereture options than the pax and indica, but you should not forget about the two automatic settings! That’s actually where the real magic happens. The A/P setting will automatically increase the temperature by 3°C after every puff you take from your Alfa. The A/T setting will slowly increase the temperature until the max. temperature of 220°C has been reached after about 20minutes, when starting at 190°C.

So basically, you have countless possibilities to use your Alfa, when combing a automatic with a regular temperature setting. However, this will require some training before you will find the best solution for your personal needs, of course.

Personally, I start with the Lo setting and turn on the A/T setting after about 10 minutes, so the temperature will not cross the 210°C mark after 20minutes of vaping, but will give you the full spectrum between 190°C and 205°C to finish your bowl. Constantly, turning the temperature higher reflects the general proceeding of experienced vaporizer users pretty much and it’s also more efficent than just using one or two setting all the time.

Btw. the Alfa heats up very quick and it reaches the 190°C after less than 30 seconds, already. The airpath is entirely sealed, so you don’t need to worry that the hot air could get in contact with any electronic parts. However, like the Indica and the Pax, the Alfa will require a lot of cleaning. Since there is no screen between the airpath and the herb chamber, you will suck in small crumbs of your herb, which will get stuck in the airpath and restrict the airflow. Also a lot of resin will pile up quickly, if you won’t clean it with ISO alcohol often.

The vapor can get a little bit hot though, when you’re drawing too fast, but that’s the case with every portable vaporizer. The battery isn’t the strogest, but it can provide up to 1,5 hours of power, with every charge. Also the wheel is a bit loose, but that’s no real issue, too.

Overall, the Alfa vaporizer is a amazing device, I can recommend to everyone, without any doubts. With 199$, it’s cheaper than most of it’s competitors, the overall quality is just great, the taste is good, the vapor is thick, it’s efficent, it’s small, it’s light, it’s stealthy (looks like a powerbank)… What else could you ask for?!

For now, the Alfa vaporizer is only available in north america though, but until the end of this year they want to launch it here, too.

Price:       4.5/5.0
Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    4.5/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0

5 thoughts on “Alfa Vaporizer by Goboof

  1. Hi, I have the Alfa and am not if I’m using it wrong. I only get good vapor with the first puff. My thought is I’m takING the next puffs too quickly. How much time do you take before your next puff?

    • Had the same problem you have to pack it down. I use a small piece of rubber hose to pack over the center post in the oven and pack it down tight

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