Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch BoxWhen the Magic Flight Launch Box was released in 2010, it has revolutionized the vaporizer industry in many ways. Not only that it made electronic portable vaporizers affordable with a price starting as low as 119$, but it is also the smallest of it’s kind until today. No wonder that the Magic Flight Launch Box became the most copied vaporizers of all time, very fast.

I have to confess, that one of my first vaporizers was a MFLB counterfeit too and honestly I wasn’t very happy with it. It took about half a minute pre-heating before I was able to take a small, single puff. Needless to say, it took a lot of time and battery power to finish a bowl! This wasn’t any fun and since I’ve thought the counterfeit and the original would perform the same, I’ve lost my interest in the original MFLB for a while, too. Today I know, I was absolutely wrong about that! In fact, they have nothing in common except for the basic design. The original MFLB beats the counterfeit in just everything, starting with the products quality and ending with the whole performance. For example, the wood of the counterfeit was totally uneven and therefore the lid couldn’t close tight, further the lid was worn out after just a couple of days, already. In contrast, the original MFLB, made in San Diego/USA, is one of the finest crafted vaporizers I have ever seen and it only requires 3-5 seconds of pre-heating before you can start to take the first deep, tasty and cloudy puff. Therefore you simply need to push one of the peeled batteries in the whole on the side of the wooden box so that it is in direct contact with the metal rod inside. If that’s the case, the small LED inside the MFLB will start to glow.

By the way, the heating time is generally much shorter than I’m used to from other electronic portable vaporizer for dry herbs. In fact, I only know torch-lighter powered portables that get the job done so fast, too! I’m really delighted how the Magic Flight Launch Box still outrivals much newer competitors.

Nevertheless, the Magic Flight Launch Box has a learning curve too and it will need a little bit of training to master the technique and learn how to hold the temperature on a constant level. So combustion can happen at first, especially when you wait too long before you start drawing or if you simply draw too slowely. If you’re doing it right though, the MFLB reaches a core temperature of +- 200°C only, which is just perfect for tasty and cloudy vapor.

Over the past years, the MFLB manufacturer has released a couple of cool gadgets and accessory too, like the finishing grinder, a bubbler called the orbiter and a power adapter that turns your MFLB into a home unit with exact temperature control, next to the countless options to personalize your vaporizer. The latest product is the Muad-Dip Concentrate Box, which is a wax and oil only edition of the classic MFLB for dry herbs.

I can recommend the MFLB to everyone who is looking for a small, stealthy, reliable and cheap vaporizer, which performs very good.
Also with getting one of these, you will support a small but caring company, which is known for their great customer service. Also they do a lot for the industry like donating blamished units to patients in need on a regular base! No wonder, they have a hugh fan base, today.

All of their vaporizers come with a brush, two peeled batteries, a charger, a glass stem and, not to forget, a lifetime warranty!

Price:       5.0/5.0

Vapor:     3.5/5.0
Quality:   5.0/5.0
Mobility: 5.0/5.0


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    • sorry herbie, that was not my intention. I just want people to be aware, that they might(!) harm themself when using it. I’m not a doctor, but my senses clearly say NO to this thing.

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