Vapman Vaporizer


For me, the Vapman vaporizer by small Switzerland based manufacturer Element Medical AG is something like the faberge egg of portable torch-lighter powered vaporizers. Inside the little colored plastic eggshell, there is one of the best processed vaporizers on the market hidden. The Element Medical AG only uses the best material for their vaporizers. For example, they only use the finest tyes of wood like pear and walnut and the herb chamber is even made of real gold coated copper. No wonder the Vapman is one of the very few european produced vaporizers, who have also made it in the US and Canada.

Already since its commercial release in 2010, the Vapman is known as one of the best portable vaporizers amongst the vaporizer community. Especially in the price class around 100€ only, people will still recommend the vapman vaporizer all the time.

Not without cause! Trust me, the vapman vaporizers are very far from beeing out-dated. Today I think, if I would have bought a vapman instead of some shitty cheap vapes, when I’ve first found my affection for vaporizers, I probably would have never started this blog. Remember, I’ve had the idea for this blog out of pure frustration over my plenty mispurchases!

What I’m trying to say is, don’t let yourself get blinded by expensive technology, fancy designs and clever marketing! Often, the most simple designs are still the best.

The vapman is exactly this, simple but brilliant! It doesn’t need to bear comparison with todays finest electronic portable vaporizers, when it’s about quality, taste, vapor production and it even beats all of them when it’s about size and heating time. With the right technique, you only need to heat up the herb chamber for about 2-6 seconds, every puff, depending on the length of the torch flame. Therefore you should definitely read the manuel before star using your vapman to find out the right technique. The detailed instructions helped me to get very good vapor instantly though, but compared with other torch lighter powered vaporizers, the vapman is generally very easy to use and does not require too much of training. Also due to its clever design, I find it pretty hard to burn myself, which happans to me quite often with some of its direct competitors (especially those with glass parts), to be honest.

What also devides the vapman from these competitors is that you will be able to vaporizer wax and oil with it too, soon. I’m very proud to announce hereby that the Element Medical AG has designed a special screen with a very tight mesh for all kinds of extracts, which will be available shortly.

I had the opportunity to test one of these screens already and I have to say that it works great! However, you will need to heat up the herb chamber a little longer than using the vapman with herbs, only and you should clean it with ISO alcohol regulary, to avoid clogging.

Overall, I can recommend the vapman to everyone who is looking for a very small and stealthy vaporizer, that is easy to use, cheap and was build to last forever. With purchasing a vapman, you will not need to buy another portable vaporizer ever, again.

A vapman set is between 79CHF (about 65€) and 133CHF (about 110€), only. However, there are plenty cool options to personalize your vapman. I can recommend the wooden stems a lot btw., but just check out their onlineshop yourself.

Price:       4.0/5.0
Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    5.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0

12 thoughts on “Vapman Vaporizer

  1. I am looking for guidence on what is the best portable vape to get. I saw your personal toplist and noticed that the solo was at #1 I was just going to ask if in your personal opinion the solo was the best portable vape I could get.

    • hallo jordan.
      yes, i still think the arizer solo is the best portable vaporizer. However, it is a bit bulky and the latest version of the solo has some technical issues.
      There are definitely some smaller and more stealthy ones, today. Depends a bit on what you’re searching for. Generally, there is not THE best vaporizer. People have different needs. If you let me know yours, I can help you better, I think.

      • the most stealthy one I know is the Imag+, since it looks like a big e cig. Qualitywise, this wouldn’t be me first choice, though. The Pax and the Indica get the job done very well, too. The Solo is still my favorite, but it’s absolutely not stealthy, same with the Davinci Ascent.

  2. Thanks for taking time to create so many reviews, I was curious how you thought the vapman did compared to the other butane vapes you have like the vaporgenie and the lotus. I was also curious if you had any lighter/torch preferences. I have bought a couple torches locally and they both broke soon after so I think its time to get something better online.

    I need to buy some butane vapes soon and you have me quite excited to try the vapman as I love good flavored vapes!

    • hello Buzz, yes the vapman is my favorite so far! Definitely better than the vaporgenie and lotus. I normally test them with the lighters included, but I also have this monster as a backup

      • Hey. I have never vaped before, but im thinking about it to release stress. Maybe 1-2 times a week. Just vapo enough to get relaxed. Which vaporizer would you recommend. I will only use i at home. Im in the 100-150 euro range.

      • sorry for the late reply. I’ve been in Italy for one week. If you ask me, get the Arizer Solo. It’s still one of the best portable vaporizers and you can get it very cheap, since the release of the Arizer Air. Best deal, imho!

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