Daisy Vaporizer

daisy vaporizer triihouse

For me, the Daisy by small US based manufacturer Triihouse is the perfect example that building a vaporizer can be true art! Daisy resembles the simple but effective technology of her forefather the Waldo, but has a much nicer and handy design, that even would make the famous french designer and architect Le Corbusier proud.

However, the Daisy does not just look pretty, she performs exceptional, too. She is the only portable vaporizer I know, that is directly inspired by waterpipes and performs like one, as well, even without the usage of water! This means big clouds and very heavy hits, instantly. Therefore Daisy will medicate you quicker than most other portable vaporizers, too. If you have a very high tolerance towards vapor generally, I would recommend checking out this one, for sure!

Daisy mainly consists of two wooden cubes and one rectangle, which only stick together with the help of very strong magnets, as well as two glass tubes and a wooden mouthpiece. The small glass tube is Daisy’s heating element, you will need to heat up manually with a torch flame pointing towards the middle of the tubes opening, vertically. Truely, this process will need a little bit of practice, but once you’ve found out the right technique, you will love your Daisy as much as I love mine. That’s for sure.

Now, hold your finger on the kick hole while drawing and release it to inhale all the vapor in the airpath, rapidly. You’re herbs are stored in the cube below the heating element btw. Therefore you’ll have to pull apart the two cubes, place a screen inside the lower one and put your herbs above it. That’s basically all you need to know, however I would recommend watching the official video tutorial below, to learn the right practice, as quick as possible.

Overall, the vaporizer made of solid hardwood is bigger and more heavy than other portable vaporizers, though and because of the glass parts, you’ll need to be very careful and gentle when you carry her around. However, if that doesn’t bother you too much, you should definitely check her out.

For 149$ you’ll get a Daisy Vaporizer Kit including a pair of tweezers, a grinder, a torch lighter, ten screens and a five year limited warranty, next to the beautiful vaporizer itself. For now, shipping is free! Also you should keep in mind, that with buying one of these, you will support a small, independent and caring(!) manufacturer and no big company that only wants your money. Especially, if you have a very high tolerance towards vapor, this one is the right choice for you!

Price:       4.0/5.0
Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    5.0/5.0
Mobility:   3.5/5.0
watch the official tutorial video here:

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