Titan-2 Vaporizer

titan-II vaporizerPlease note: This is a follow-up article to my Titan-1 review here. You should read this one first, if you haven’t already!

Despite of my experience with the faulty Titan-1 vaporizer I’ve decided to give the new model by chinese manufacturer Hebe a chance, too, since they really seemed to work on solving the known problems of the Titan-1 and I had the impression that they want to come up with a very good unit, this time. Also the Titan-2 is a revolutionary device in terms of the manual temperature control, since this is most definitely the smallest portable vaporizer that offers this feature, up to date.

Therefore, I’ve ordered myself one of the Titan-2 vaporizer kits, right away, once they were available.

However, again I’m very disappointed with what I have recieved! In fact, they have not managed to fix a single of the known problems of the Titan-I, at all! The rubber mouthpiece was a good idea and a step in the right direction, but unfortunately it’s absolutely ineffective. The vapor is still so unpleasent hot, that you simply can’t take any long, slow and deep draws from it, like you’re used to from other units. I only can sip on it shortly, for about 3 seconds max.

And yes, there is exactly the same disgusting plastic smell and taste, I’ve already recognized when using my Titan-1. I’d say they have simply used the same cheap material again, that emits this terrible odor.

Btw. this also supports my theorie, that there are no Titan-1 or Titan-2 units at all, that don’t have these issues, like some people claim. I just can’t believe that I just had bad luck twice and recieved two fauly units, from two different suppliers. So, please don’t believe any stranger on the net who will tell you “this is the best vaporizer ever” and shit. It’s definitely not. You know, I have no reason to bash it, other than I really think it might be unsafe to use. However, a lot of people have a reason to promote it as such, since they simply try to sell it themself, I guess. Although, I don’t know about any rebranded Titan-II vaporizers yet, but I’m sure they will pop up very soon!

If you don’t want to risk probable health problems, nobody can evaluate right now, I’d say get something else. I really can’t recommend it to anyone…

Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      0.0/5.0
Quality:    0.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0

14 thoughts on “Titan-2 Vaporizer

  1. Actually my Titan 1 doesn’t give any plastic smell or taste at all… I mean, heated plastic smells in an unmistakable, disgusting way, I’m sure I could feel it even if it was very low.

    • mine do… and I mean both devices!!! they are not even from the same retailer, so even if there are a couple functional units without plastic taste and smell, i would not risk getting one of these. How would you prevent getting one of these faulty units?!

  2. wow. someone recommended me the titan 2 and i was actually thinking of buying it but since you dont recommend it, i will probably look for something else. thank you vaporeview!

  3. I purchased a Titan one and the mouthpiece broke shortly after I had it maybe a month paid like 43 dollars for it so I use a little ingenuity and took one of those rubber mouth pieces from the pen style vapes and they actually fit right in the hole of the Titan one and it works really great you just gotta put a little screen in the mouthpiece and then it works great perfect size and the mouth pieces you can get for like 5 for $10 and the mouthpiece that comes with it is what causes the plastic taste the main part of it is very good but the mouth piece is what sucks

  4. Bought this vape from local smoke shop for $100 later to find it for around $30 online. From the start noticed that after heated up, smoke was coming out the top of it though no herbs in it. Smoke smelled like plastic. After putting herbs in it, there was almost no vapor from the actual herbs, just that plastic taste. While using this, it gave me headaches and lung pains. I feel like i wasted $100 on this and the bud i put in it was wasted too. I did get the effect from the bud, but this is seriously not worth it knowing you are inhaling mostly plastic smoke. After headaches and lung pains, decided its not worth getting cancer from this product and threw it out.

    • Hello capo, I think you’re talking about the VS2 by VaporSource, which is sometimes called the Titan-3, but I don’t think the manufacturer is the same (Hebe). At least that’s what I’m hoping for. I’m in contact with them and hope I will recieve the VS2 and the VS3 (which would be Titan 4) anytime soon.

      • I see. Titan-1 and 2 are produced by a company called Hebe, VS2 and VS3 (not available yet) are produced by a company called VaporSource. I doubt these are the same people. I believe they use the name for promotion, since the Titan is the best known model from china.

      • I have not seen it on mine, but I think the Titan symbol is on the VS2 indeed. However, I don’t think it’s protected so probably anybody can use it.
        Anyway, maybe you’re right. There is definitely no company called Hebe. Hope I will get a VS2 and VS3 anytime soon. VS3 or Titan-4 should be released this week. Looks like it was inspired by the firefly

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