Vaporizer News: Pocket Puffer Dry Herb Vaporizer

Pocket PufferLong time before the Haze Vaporizer was announced, a company named Rapid Fire Marketing has revealed the first sketches of a nameless portable dual bowl conduction vaporizer with exchangeable batteries, in the style of the Pax by Ploom. Than this company disappeared for about one year, without giving any new informations about the progress of their upcoming unit.

Of course, when I’ve heared about the Haze Vaporizer first, I thought Rapid Fire Marketing has just skipped their previous design and came up with this one instead, since the Haze Vaporizer includes all revolutionary features of the Rapid Fire Marketing sketches. This was before a video by Rapid Fire Marketing appeared, showing a functional prototype of their version of a dual bowl vaporizer. Indeed, they have slightly changed the design, but they are still in the market! Now, their unit has finally a name, as well. The Rapid Fire Marketing Dry Herb Vaporizer goes by the name of Pocket Puffer and will be released soon, after finishing the last beta tests.

Just for the record: I don’t want to imply, that Haze Technologies have stolen their ideas from these guys, but the similarities of these two units are undeniable. Anyway, maybe these features are just logic improvements towards the original Pax design, since both units are obviously inspired by this one.

For further information about the Pocket Puffer Dry Herbal Vaporizer, feel free to visit their website  pocket – puffer . com You also have a chance to win a free Pocketpuffer by simply participating in their drawing.


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