Dark Knight Vaporizer

Dark Knight Vaporizer

Lately, I found out that the Vapor Box TBH is in fact just a re-branded new portable dry herb vaporizer designed by chinese company JOMO Technology Co., Ltd.

They call it the Dark Knight and you can already get it for a fractional amount of the Vapor Boxes price on various chinese marketplaces!


Even without expecting too much from this new unit, I’ve decided that it’s worth to invest the few bucks and test it for you guys, since I think this vaporizer might flood the market (under different labels), very soon. Pretty much, like the same priced Titan-1 vaporizer does, already!

With the Titan-1 still on my mind, I was kind of impressed when it arrived, since it looks, feels (the edges of the metal housing are a bit sharp, though) and smells(!) much better build than the Titan-1. Only the mouthpiece worried me right away, since it had a little rubber smell and is directly in contact with the oven, but after soaking it in water over night the smell was gone and my feeling that the oven could melt the rubber, turned out to be wrong, as well.


However, the Dark Knight vaporizer is very far from beeing perfect, but with the right technique you can actually vaporize herbs. The oven can get a little too hot, though (can’t say how hot exactly, since there is conflicting informations about the max temperature). Therefore your herbs are spent very quickly and you can easily combust with this unit, if your using it for too long.


While doing a initial burn off session before using it with herbs, for the first time, I’ve actually let it run for a few minutes until the whole unit got so hot, that I really got scared, since I wasn’t able to hold it in my hands, any longer.

During a regular session, this won’t happen, though, since you won’t let it heat for that long, anyway. In fact your herbs are used within a couple of minutes, entirely, due to the high temperatures! But that’s also the reason why the Dark Knight hits you hard! It actually gets me medicated a lot. It lacks in taste and durability, though.


Anyway, I have to confess that I actually have no clue, how this thing works, exactly. The manual is very bad.

My theory is that it’s a portable vaporizer based on an ecig technology, though, since it has some similarities. You need to click on the single button five times to start the unit and if you keep pressing the button it heats uncontrollably, that’s typical for ecigs.

After you have turned on the unit, a sixth click will start the heating process until vaporizing temperatures have been reached (about 30 seconds), now you can start to inhale. However, after two minutes and the first few draws the unit will stop heating, already. I guess that prevents overheating. While it’s not heating anymore, you can take another few puffs, though, since the oven is still hot enough to produce vapor. When it has cooled down so much, that no new visible vapor is produced, it’s time to push the button again and repeat the process. You should not do more than three cycles, though, since in the end of the third cycle your herbs will be very close to combustion, already.


The Dark Knight is available for around 70$, including shipping. For this price, it is definitely not the worst deal, however, you need to keep in mind that you will vaporize on very high temperatures and that your herbs are spend very quickly. If that doesn’t scare you off and you’re on a very strictly limited budget, you can definitely consider getting one of these. It definitely has potential and is an improvement towards it’s competitor, the very poorly made Titan-1. Although, these guys apparently work on the Dark Knight 2 already, which is supposed to feature constant temperature settings. You might better wait for these instead!


Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      1.5/5.0
Quality:    2.0/5.0
Mobility:   4.0/5.0

11 thoughts on “Dark Knight Vaporizer

    • Hello Prometheus. No it’s not. I’m an expert in the chinese market, I also have discovered the chinese Pax Vaporizers, for example.
      The company you have linked is a well-known scammer and don’t have the products they offer!

      However, the chinese have started to produce their own designs, lately. The Titan-1, FlowerMate V, X-Max/Imag are just a few examples. The Dark Knight is exactly like the Titan-1 (check the review, to learn more about the chinese market), a original unit, that anyone can order from the chinese manufacturer with their personal logo printed on it.

      Believe me, there is absolutely no reason to build counterfeits of a cheap unit like this one, anyway (since there is absolutely no demand for these)! If I would have paid 200$ for this, I would have been really pissed. For 50$ it’s okay, though.

      • I looked for the dark knight and found it , but there is no dark knight 2 from the company, nor any mention of it.

        also, any ‘rebranded’ versions of the vaporbox TBH don’t exist anywhere online that I can find. not even from chinese manufacturers. there is no evidence that JOMO is making the current edition of the vaporbox TBH that came out in July. Do you have proof of that?

      • you gave the answer yourself… “came out in july”. I have the dark knight vaporizer since june, just look at the date I’ve published the review. How could they copy something they can’t have access too?!
        the overheating only occurs if you keep it heating longer than neccessary btw. I’ve realized this issue, when I’ve tried to burn off production leavings for about 15minutes before using it.
        The Dark Knight 2 is not available yet, I’ve said they are already working on it, not that it’s already available. Hugh difference.
        If you’re looking for further answers, simply look in the fuckcombustion.com vapor box thread.
        And here is another “proof” for you: can you tell me a single product that thevapor / vapor group doesn’t order from china?! All of their products can be found on chinese marketplaces for a fragement of the price they sell it.
        How about asking them(!) if they can proof that they have actually designed it?!
        There is enough evidence, that they don’t have.

  1. I don’t even see a “dark knight’ vape for sale anywhere, except one chinese manufacturer who sells them in bulk. so you keep saying that consumers can buy this, but even that does not seem to be true…..

    • Sherlock, you haven’t done your job very well. I’ve said you can buy them on various chinese marketplaces and that’s absolutely TRUE. please go to dhgate and search for dark knight… I’m not the lier here dude

      • sorry john, your absolutely right! However, this guy tried to make me look like a lier on my own blog. Could not let him do his thing here, especially since he’s related with a comnpany who sells rebranded dark knights.

        anyway, the dark knight is surely not what you want! Please check out the Imag or the Flowermate, if you really want to buy a portable vaporizer from china.

        if you still have some questions, feel free to ask. normally, I’m rather friendly 😉
        It’s not what you say, but how you say it, right?

    • oh and btw. there is now a new version of the dark knight with a glass mouthpiece (look on alibaba) but no new version of the vapor box… like I’ve already announced it months ago. that’s strange isn’t it?! how do you explain that prometheus?! There you have the dark knight 2.
      Now please stop trying to make the vapor box look original on my blog, it is not, please accept that.

  2. I have bought the Dark Knight a couple days ago. I tried to start it but it doesnt heat up the ceramic. Everything works right but that. Now im charging it till its full to see if thats the issue. Any suggestion?

    • Hello Dazlop, I had the same problem with the Dark Knight at first (read here: fuckcombustion.com/threads/the-vapor-box-tbh.13589/page-2#post-608345) somehow I’ve managed to get it started later, though. Just try it again, if it still won’t heat up, contact your seller and ask for a refund.

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