Vaporizer News: Loto Labs Evoke Smart Vaporizer on Indiegogo

Evoke VaporizerToday, I’d like to introduce you to a very interesting new crowdfunding campaign by US based company Loto Labs. These guys are working on the worlds first smart portable induction heat vaporizer! Originally, it was designed as a oil and wax vaporizer only, but due to high public demand they now want to build a eliquid and loose leaf version, as well. Also the price was lowered a lot. If you’re fast you might get one of the Early Bird Evokes (100 loose leaf, 100 eliquid and 100 oil and wax models) for only 79$. After these are gone, you can only get the Standard Evoke for 99$, which is still a very good price though, since the official retail price will be around 250$!

However, you need to understand that this beautiful wooden vaporizer pipe is very far from going into production, right now. So don’t expect this to get delivered any time soon after the campaign has ended on July 24! There is still a lot to do (check out the production timeline on their indiegogo campaign, necessarily).

Anyway, I’m convinced that these guys have the potential to become a game changer in the vaporizer market and I have no doubt, that they will be able to raise the necessary 70,000$ and put their ideas into practice. In the first 5 days, they’ve already reached 9% of their target amount.

If you want to invest in the future of vaporizing, here is your chance to contribute.


Check out the campaign on indiegogo here

for further information, please also visit their official website


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