Titan-1 Vaporizer

titan-1 vaporizer review

The Titan-1 is a very cheap and small portable vaporizer designed and produced in China.

Honestly, at first I thought that the Titan-1 is just a counterfeit of the Pinnacle Pro by Vaporblunt, but except for some minor similarities like the size and the mouthpiece, they have not so much in common. Even if the Titan-1 is inspired by the Pinnacle Pro, they have very significant differences, so I can’t say they are alike…. unfortunately!


The main reason why the Titan-1 is so interesting is the low price of around 50€ only. Therefore, the Titan-1 is much cheaper than any other portable vaporizer on the market. But what can you expect for so less money?!

Apparently not much. I totally hate it and I really would have loved to present you a fully functional vaporizer for such a low price!


From the beginning, the Titan-1 had a very extreme plastic smell and taste. So far, this is not unusual, even some of the most reputated units have this at first, but normally after you’ve burned off production leavings the smell and taste disappears, entirely. However, it took me days to reduce the smell at least so much, that I’ve dared to put something in the herb chamber. The very own smell and taste was so strong that I was not willing to put anything in there, at first. My health is very important to me, since that’s the reason why I’ve started vaping in the first place, I don’t want to poison myself by sucking on electronic scrap.

However, I’ve managed to reduce the smell and taste a lot by letting it run for a couple of hours(!) on the highest temp setting and soaking the silicone o-ring in water over night and still I can “taste” the products quality, clearly. So the skepticism towards this unit remains and I just can’t get rid of the idea, that I might harm myself while using it! Trust me, with dark thoughts like this, vaping is no fun!

Next to the bad material quality, I have realized that the vapor is extremely unpleasent hot. Even on the mid temperature setting I’ve nearly burned my lips. Also the green temperature pre-set is the only one that actually works for my purposes. The blue one is way too hot, while the red one is too low. Therefore, you can only use one of these, imho.


Apart from these negative points, I even think that the titan has potential and it’s not all bad. However, they have obviously made savings in the wrong places and the producer has even realized that himself, since they are fully aware of these issues!

Further they claim, that they already have eliminated these sources of problems and more recent Titan-1 vaporizers wouldn’t have these problems anymore. In fact, there are some people who claim that they don’t have trouble with a bad smell and taste, like me. Anyway, I have to give a rating based on what I have recieved and therefore I can’t recommend the Titan-1 to anyone, since I don’t know about possible health problems that can be caused by inhaling these plastic evaporations.


Btw. A couple of days ago, they have already released a titan-2 model with better overall quality (that’s what they say!) and excat temperature control. I’d like to believe that this one is a good unit and I actually would give this one a chance, too. However, I would stay away from the Titan-1, since you can’t evaluate at all if you will get one of these models I have, or a more recent unit.

Also I’m not so sure if the Titan-1 has a real warranty. Mine didn’t even include a manual, apart from that there is no contact data, so I guess if you have a warranty case, nobody will help you, since you simply can’t get in touch with them.


The Titan-1 is also known by the names Apex vaporizer, Wulf Mods Tundra vaporizer, eonsmoke falcon vaporizer, kalumet veda vaporizer, Vap-O-Nator vaporizer, just to name a few, since you can simply let the manufacturer print your logo on it. Maybe, these re-branded ones will come with a real warranty, but they are sold up to four times the price of the original Titan-1 vaporizer! Definitely not worth 150€ – 200€, that’s for sure!


Price:       5.0/5.0
Vapor:      0.0/5.0
Quality:    0.0/5.0
Mobility:   5.0/5.0


Anyway, big big thanks to the very friendly guys of the czech electronic cigarette and eliquid shop elektronickacigareta.cz for sending me one of these to analyse it for them, since they are not yet familiar with dry herb vaporizers.




17 thoughts on “Titan-1 Vaporizer

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  5. Well, i think you got a bad unit because titan 1 is a good vaporizer for that price. I had two, one bought more than one year ago and now i bought another one because i used the first so many times that the battery now is over. The bad plastic smell or taste passes after few usages and is common of many of this item when they are new; the rubber mouthpiece is good enough to don’t get mouth burned at any of the three temperatures. About no vape i don’t know what you mean, really! I think you got a bad working unit because there are a lot of video on youtube with people using it and you can see the vapor and see also the effect on them faces.. this from my experience and from friends that use it

    • I don’t think that’s the case! So many people have told me that before… and so many others have confirmed my expetrience with the titan-1 and the titan-2! I believe some people are just more sensitive to the plastic taste than others. I have so many good vaporizers, that I can clearly tell the diffeence between the taste of the titan vapes and a “good” vaporizer. This is definitely non of these. There are much better ones in the same price range… herbstick eco, xvape vital, pulsar apx…

      • It’s the same for me! So many people new to the world of vaporizers are enthusiastic of titan 1 and also people that use Volcano daily think that it’s a good portable choice. And if what did you say was true the Black Scale or Snoop Dogg G Pro would not exist!! They are the same products, made from the same company. And the only difference with titan 1 is the price, for less than 40$ on ebay you can buy one! In my opinion that is only my opinion, made from my experiences and the ones of a lot of people that use it, it’s a really good choice for people that want to try vaporize and don’t want to spend a lot of money, but at least they have to use it some times to remove the smell of new as any cheap and china products!!

    • don’t forget, the vape critic and most of my blogger colleagues get paid for saying this or they earn money with sales, unlike me! This is my honest opinion about the titan vapes and I’m not going to change it, just because some people believe it is a fine vaporizer. A review is always a personal opinion and people can think differently, that’s no problem, but that won’t effect my personal experiences with these things and therefore I see it as my duty to warn people.

      • I don’t want to change your opinion but from what you say you’re right with your opinion, and the others are all fake and are paid to tell lies. Does not it seem foolish and absurd?? I want warn people too about too much hard view on things that deserve better appreciation like titan 1. My opinion is simple: the odor goes away after a few uses, the rubber mouthpiece does not make feel the heat. Your personal feelings are very valid but they have no objective confirmation. Then evaluate zero this product is absurd!

      • Not at all! That’s a fact. You won’t find a single affiliate link on my website! Some of my colleagues even make a living with their blogs, of course they have to sell you something to achieve this…
        Before I started with this blog I have bought myself a few vaporizer that blogs like mine have recommended, just to find out that these products are bullshit, maybe even dangerous. So I don’t trust many of my colleagues at all. Further, I don’t want to do the same…
        This post about the Titan-1 is not so popular without a reason (Nr.1 review on google!), because most people do share my opinion about this vaporizer and I’m probably the only blogger who is not afraid to speak his mind!
        But if you want real user reviews check reddit/r/vaporents and fuckcombustion. Also feel free to post your opinion their, but don’t expect people to back it.

        I won’t allow any further talk about “how good the titan vaporizers” are on my blog, since I really don’t want anybody to buy this. You can get better vapes for the same price, if money is an issue, so there is absolutely no reason to buy this… Even the same company does produce much better vaporizers for the same price (VS2 and VS3) with seperated airpath and without plastic smell and taste. That’s a fact, too.

        Honestly, I have the feeling that you’re selling these things, that’s why you try to defend it…

  6. posting right now stoned off of a Titan-1 I bought in a store for 20 dollars. It works. You’re crazy. I’ve had a Pax, and a MFLB, and this isn’t nearly as good, but seriously man it works. It vapes. It’s cheaper then anything but those disposables. It’s just a G-Pro for 20 dollars.

    • seriously? you came to my blog to insult me, because I think it’s my duty to warn people about this shit?! I never told anybody that it doesn’t work. Well it does, but mine smells and tastes bad, which simply can’t be healthy for you. Maybe they even have changed the device a lot sicne I got mine… still I have to judge it based on what I have and that’s a terrible device. You can use yours as much as you want, but keep it for yourself, I still won’t recommend it to anybody else…

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