Tips & Tricks: CBD enriched E-Liquid and disposible E-Cigs by Hemp Hookahzz

hemp hookahzzThis might seem a bit offtopic, but I’m sure some of you guys will be interested in the Hemp Hookahzz product line, as well! The US based company produces tasty medical grade CBD enriched E Liquids and disposible E-Cigs. At the moment, they offer six different flavors, with or without nicotine. You can choose between Apple, Watermelon, Mint, Tobacco, Razzleberry and  Mango flavor. My personal favorite is the Pink Diva (Watermelone) without nicotine!

Cannabidiol (or short CBD) is a non psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from hemp plants. It has a wider scope of medical applications than the psychoactive cannabinoid THC and is a legal alternative to medical marijuana in many countrys. It even blocks THC and won’t get you high or something!
Cannabidiol is accepted as medicine and already helps many patients all over the world. It’s known for its relaxing, anti-inflammatory and calming effects, for example and it also helps against sickness, very well!

However, there are countless medical capabilities and now you can even smoke your meds, while most people swollow frops or capsules atm! I definitely appreciate the usage of e-cigs for medical purposes a lot. Since smoking is simply more fun, at least for a smoker/vaporist, like myself.

Every 10mm bottle includes 24mg of CBD, which is not the highest, but a decent concentration. The ejuice bottle is 14,99$ each and a disposible e-cig 15,99$, only. Check it out, this might be something for you guys!


6 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: CBD enriched E-Liquid and disposible E-Cigs by Hemp Hookahzz

  1. It even blocks THC and won’t get you high or something! Wow!!! That does sounds too promising. You are selling a product and dont even know what it does??? You need to reseach your product!!!! You need to be able to understand what your reading too!!! Hahahaha!!! C.B.D does NOT make it so you wont get high. You misread this info. C.b.d. counter acts the negitive side effects of t.h.c. mostly anxiety. it doesnt make it so you wont get high. Duh…

    • i don’t sell it… i’ve tested it. big difference. 😉 this is a private review blog thanks for clarifying, anyway.
      I’m no cbd consumer so I’m no expert when it comes to cbd, but I think I’ve made that clear in the review.

      • I suffer from the early stages of MS and I just went to my local head shop and picked up one of these disposable pens. I can attest to the fact that it DOES help and helps very quickly too. It also doesn’t have nicotine or propylene glycol in it which are two things I was trying to avoid. Good product! Its a shame their website is sold out of these pens

  2. Check out deltaliquids. Great products and different strengths depending on what you tneed for daily consumptions.

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