Vaporizer News: Haze (dual bowl) Vaporizer by Haze Technologies

haze vaporizerOn april 20th, a very interesting new portable vaporizer by Haze Technologies will be released! What makes this new unit so interesting are the two bowls, one for dry herbs and one for extracts only, at first. The Haze Vaporizer uses the conduction method to vaporize dry herbs and the convection method for oils and waxes!

It features four temperature settings (250F, 350F, 375F and 410F) and comes with a glass and a steel mouthpiece.
The Haze Vaporizer also has a exchangeable battery, so you can simply replace it yourself if it breaks down, one day.

Overall, the Haze vaporizer seems like a mixture of the Davinci classic and the Pax by Ploom, combining the best of both worlds into one device.
It measures only 3″ x 3″ x 1″ and therefore it’s much smaller than most of its competitors.

Right now, you can stll pre-order it on their website for 249$, before their webstore opens on sunday.

Let’s keep an eye on this exciting new unit! Imho, this new portable has the potential to get a big seller, quickly, if it really performs like the manufacturer claims, of course.

I hope I can drop a review here, soon!


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