miniVAP Vaporizer


No doubt, with 469€ the MiniVap Vaporizer from the spanish company HERMES MEDICAL ENGINEERING, S.L. is the most expensive portable vaporizer on the market. There are just very few products in the same price range.

I had the opportunity to test it for a while now and find out myself if it’s worth the extra money!

Hell yeah, I really like the MiniVap… what really surprised me are the facts that the vapor tastes awesome and it’s very very smooth. It’s not even harsh a bit! For real, the vapor is much less aggressive compared to other devices. If you have problems with your breath, throat or lungs (like me), you’ll find the MiniVap much more pleasent and less aggressive than others. I’ve enjoyed that a lot, cause most vapes leave you with a very dry throat, but not this one. Sadly I have to give it back again, soon…

But to be honest, I think it also has lots of disadvantages against some cheaper competing products atm. For example: With the battery attached, it’s not really mini, actually it’s one of the biggest and most heavy portable devices. It reminds me pretty much on a maglite flashlight, when it’s about size and weight. Also it just has very few temperature settings. The mouth piece and the whip are also a bit short, burned my lips while drawing too hard, but if you draw slowly this isn’t a real problem. You could also avoid touching the mouth pieces edges with your lips.

Some further gadgets would have been nice though, but I’m sure they are alrerady working on it. A bubbler attachment for example would have been awesome.

On the other hand it heats very quick, the battery life is long lasting and it’s very easy to clean. The herb is stored in a thimble similar thing that you have to insert in the heating chamber. Another screen keeps the grinded herb from inhaling them.

Btw. I was told that they will have a new version on stock soon and they will upgrade old ones for just a few bucks! Most of the disadvantages mentioned above will be fixed (smaller and lighter battery, new temp settings…). That’s what I call amazing customer service.

I know it is a lot money for a vape and not everyone (like me) has 469€ to spend for one, but if you have a (medical) need for that ultra soft vapor, you should consider to get one for sure. It’s a top notch aromatherapy device with real medical qualities! Otherwise, a cheaper one will probably please you as well.

Price:       3.0/5.0

Vapor:      4.5/5.0
Quality:    4.5/5.0
Mobility:   2.0/5.0



One thought on “miniVAP Vaporizer

  1. although this is a really expensive vape, you get your money’s worth with this one! it bring portability to whole new level! thanks for sharing this! im really considering getting one of these

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