Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

pinnacle pro DLX editionNo doubt, the Pinnacle (Pro) by US based manufacturer Vaporblunt has revolutionized portable vaporizing. In my humble opinion, the hydro tubes, mini bubbles, portable water tool attachments, or how ever you like to call these little glass pieces, are defenitely one of the biggest steps forward in the history of portable vaporizers!


Now, everyone can enjoy the real vaporizer-bong experience on the go, too, a consumtion method most desktop-vapers prefer anyway, since the water cools down the vapor a lot and makes it much more smooth to inhale. This way you can easily take big hits without having to cough, heavily.


Of course, the Pinnacle Pro always includes a plastic 14mm water-tool adapter, next to the stadart mouthpiece, so you can connect it with any 14mm tool, right away, wheter you have the DLX version with the hydro tube included, or the standart version only. However, a glass water-tool adapter will be released soon, since this is what a lot of their customers have wished for!


Anyway, I would always recommend buying the Pinnacle Pro vaporizer DLX edition. Trust me, you want one of these water tools, now! Also the vapor of the pinnacle pro is a little harsh without one of these, since the oven is right below the mouthpiece and therefore the vapor is extremly hot (but tastey!), if you don’t cool it. Also for 265CAD the pinnacle pro dlx set is a real bargain, compared with other portable vaporizers like the pax for example. You can also buy the water tool for about 80CAD, seperately, but you’re better off with getting the DLX edition, right away! Sooner or later, you want to buy one anyway, even if you don’t know it yet.


Technically, I think the text-marker shaped portable vaporizer is comparable with the Arizer Solo, best. You can choose between five temperature pre-sets (the hottest one is for oils and waxes only) by simply clicking on the single button until your desired setting starts to flash. From now on, you’ll have to wait for about a minute until the pinnacle pro has reached the chosen temperature level. Of course, you have to fill the bowl below the mouth piece first and put it back into the oven (For oils and waxes, the pinnacle includes a extra bowl btw.). That’s pretty much all you need to know. There is pretty much no learning curve and according to this, the manual of the pinnacle is very short, as well.


Overall, I would always prefer the pinnacle pro over the very popular pax vaporizer, since I think it beats this one in mostly everything, except for the overall product quality and the size. The material the Pinnacle Pro was build with, doesn’t seem as great as the one from the pax and the solo and feels much cheaper. Anyway, I have not experienced any negative smell or taste coming from the plastic parts, like I did with a couple of other “made in china” devices and would recommend this vaporizer without any doubts, especially the DLX edition, since this is what makes the pinnacle pro so amazing, at first. No wonder that these water tools get copied by other brands a lot, these days!


Price:       4.0/5.0

Vapor:      4.0/5.0
Quality:    3.5/5.0
Mobility:   4.5/5.0


10 thoughts on “Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

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  2. Buyers of the Pinnacle Pro BEWARE!! The company is super unprofessional and they do not honor their warranty at all. I saved my money, didn’t smoke for 2 months just so that I could afford it and reduce my chances of getting a chest infection (I have a genetic condition). I only trusted this brand because it’s sold with a one year warranty. But after 2 months of VERY light use, the vaporizer just stopped heating up. I’ve been in contact with the company now for over a month just trying to get them look at the vape and honor their warranty. They are literally just ignoring my emails/attempts. It’s crazy, they’ve been so unprofessional and wont even acknowledge that they have an obligation to the warranty. I’ve gotten as far as them asking what’s wrong and then I get no response back. I think they’re hoping I’ll just get tired of asking but since this truly is a BIG purchase for me ($250 with the water attachment), I can’t do that. I really had nothing but high hopes for this brand and company but no one should invest in a product that 1- only works for a few months and 2 – has a dishonorable company who basically lies and steals your money…. such bad karma guys :/

    • hello leah. Unfortunately, I’ve heared about a lot of such cases, lately and It’s a shame what they are doing to their customers. As for me, I will not recommend any vaporblunt products anymore. Thanks for the warning and sorry for your loss 😦

    • The Vapor Blunt has to be the shittiest companies that I have ever had to deal with! After spending $378.00 and using my unit a few times it is now completely useless and won’t even turn on.
      The Vapor Blunt will not return my calls nor will they respond to my emails and obviously are not doing ANYTHING to honor the warranty
      Whoever is in charge deserves to be shot with a ball of their own shit! This is the worst company bar none that I have ever dealt with. You’re not business people you have no right being in business and my final question. How does it feel to suck so badly at what you do??? This company and the people who work there are pathetic.
      P.S. Let’s not leave out that I purchased this unit from not doing anything to help or solve my problem. They made the sale so now I can go sit on my Pinnacle Pro for all they care.

  3. they all screw us as much as they can, or we’re willing to allow them to…however on a related note i’ve noticed titan 1 and the new g pro. look like the same exact design…. not sure how to find out if it in fact is the same as the new addition to grenco science

    • hello adam, please check my titan-1 and titan-2 review! They are definitely the same. Every company can order the Titan-1 with their logo printed on and a lot of retailers did and tried to sell them for rediculous prices up to 250$.

      • yeah really it seems even regular e-cig distributors are trying to pin a market value equivalent to the price of a carton of cigarettes + refill cartridges its insane.

        I want to try the pinnacle pro but with my student budget i’ll have to wait a while. on alibaba they have this product are they counterfeit? i see on your review it says these guys are u.s. based.

        i need a dry herb vape but it has to be stealthy lol because i love doing it in nyc as i walk about. I need one that is most common, I have a 2013 g pen and its good but GS changed the threading of the g pen recently. I don’t like the idea of changing their thread when they please haha its a sneaky way of forcing me to buy a new one

      • hello adam. Yes, the ones on Alibaba are counterfeits. I wouldn’t try these. VaporBlunt is a US company, but their products are made in china. If you want a cheap and stealthy vaporizer I can recommend the Imag, since it looks like an ecig! Otherwise, check out the Inhalater05, Indica, Pax, Haze or Flowermate V5.0

  4. I actually own a Titan-1 rebrand, the pulsar lux. I would love to use one of these water tools with it. Does anyone know if there is a way to make or buy a similar 14mm adapter for the titan 1?

    • hello gabe, sorry for the late reply. currently there is no water-tool adapter for the titan-1 or titan-2. but you might can build your own with a silicone tube and a water tool adaper from a whip vaporizer.

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